Dream about yellow|Dreaming about yellow

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Yellow: it's closest to the color of the day. Yellow is closely related to feelings. It is characterized by thinking, distance and judgment.

The yellow in the dream has the meaning of vitality, wisdom, consciousness and power.

Dream about yellow, but also indicates that identity, status will be promoted, will have some power.

In addition, dreaming about yellow objects means that you are curious about things. In love, it is also more fickle and easy to "see the difference and think about the change.

Dreaming about brilliant golden color indicates that you will have good things, to be promoted, or to improve the quality of life. Sometimes it also indicates your concern for yourself and the spiritual world.

Dreaming about yellow clothes usually symbolizes that you will be protected by power.

If you dream that you are wearing yellow clothes, it indicates that you will be reused, or your inner desire for attention.

Dreaming that someone of the opposite sex is wearing yellow clothes means that you want to be able to further your relationship with the other side.

Dreaming about a yellow house indicates that you have a chance to enter a higher level of power.