Dream about orange|Dream about red full orange

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The orange dream is a symbol of being friendly. You hope that others will be considerate to you, and you are willing to pass on your gentleness to your family, friends and lovers.

Dream about red full orange, you will be lucky, lucky.

Dream about orange, pay more attention to your health, indicating that you may be ill.

Dream about sending oranges to others, indicating that you will be loved and praised by others.

I dream that many flourishing orange trees are covered with mature oranges, which indicates a healthy and successful situation.

Dream about stepping on the orange peel slip, indicating the death of relatives.

Dream that your wife wants you to buy oranges, and then eat them, indicating that annoying complex factors will turn into favorable conditions.

It's an unlucky dream to dream about eating oranges. You are mainly worried about the illness of your friends or relatives. The atmosphere of mutual dissatisfaction in your career will also spread.

Married men dream about buying oranges, if the string, will marry a beautiful young woman.

Unmarried men dream about buying oranges, indicating that they will marry a healthy and beautiful wife.

Unmarried women dream about ripe oranges, indicating a good reputation.

Business people dream about peeling or squeezing orange juice, which indicates that there will be big business and huge profits.

A young woman dreams about eating oranges, which indicates that she may lose her lover.

The dream about a young woman is that the orange with good color is hanging on the high branch, which indicates that she will choose one husband among many pursuers carefully.