Dream about shopping is what mean

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dream shopping is good, what's the meaning of ? Dream about shopping have what symptom? The following analysis for everyone.

dream about shopping, said life comfortable, economic bounteous, a small fortune.

dream shopping selection process, is also a symbol of the choice, measuring weight gain and loss, are likely to prompt work and in life, to be prudent choice, or don't hesitate too much, miss the good chance.

dream about shopping with mother, parents, said people dreaming rely on heart, economy and consciousness is not enough independence, is difficult to acquire the land under pressure.

dream shopping together with lover, usually indicated that you will be looking forward to the present.

dreaming that I am in front of the foreign trade department, or import stores and places of luxury shopping, may also expressed your inner vanity.

dreaming that I am in pushing shopping, night markets, commodity markets, etc, may be expressed in money in practice is not satisfied.

dream about shopping, the entrusted bank or store is also suggested that there may be twists and turns in love, maybe you had a good heart to others, you may feel lover had a crush on others, hope I can more attractive to lover's line of sight.

dream about shopping in a department store that will receive the good news, or surprise.

but if the dream about and his girlfriend to buy appliances, TV, bed, such as consumer goods, has obvious implication, suggesting you will further development, the relationship between the possibility of cohabitation or marriage.

dream about shopping with her husband or wife, said rich and comfortable life, family harmony warmth.

dream about shopping with friends, said the dreamer's friend is numerous, in need of help, will get their support, life happiness, work smoothly.

the above is my analysis of dream shopping is good, what's the meaning of , hope to help you.