What is the meaning of dreaming that I am on the stage

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dreamed that he had a nice stage, what's the meaning of ? Dreaming that I am on the stage have what symptom? The following analysis for everyone.


dream about the stage, you get a better understanding of the outside world.

dreaming that I am on the stage and said you very care about you show the image of the people around you.

dreaming that I am on the stage show, may be expressed during the day you won't reveal, the heart is eager to know others some of the hidden feelings, or do you want to show myself.

dream about dancing scene, often signals is good luck to you, received the good news. According to the views of psychoanalysis, dream also symbolizes the courtship dance or sexual intercourse.

dreaming that I am in the dance that you'll get promoted, will succeed or love. Unmarried men dreamed of his dance, will marry a beautiful wife.

dreaming that I am looking at someone to dance, suggesting that the recent challenging you desire, achieve their ambitions, recently to have a good opportunity. But if the dream about others dance, is hiding himself far, sat in the corner watching, suggest you might have received the bad news, the others to succeed.

dream about dancing with the lover, and suggests that love is sweet, your relationship will go further.

dream about dance with strange women, should be vigilant, don't fool by strangers casually.

the above is my analysis of dreamed that he had a nice stage, have what meaning, want to help you.