What is the meaning of dream about lying on the grass

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dream about lying on the grass and bad, what's the meaning of ? Dream about lying on the grass have what symptom? The following analysis for everyone.

grass often and life easy, beautiful and happy life is linked together, so the dream about the grass, usually said the mood cheerful, energetic, life will be a new start, a new vitality into. From the point of view of sex, freudian think pubic hair grass said in the dream, dream about grass expresses the dreamer's desire to relax state of mind, or to return to the mother's desire.

dream about lying on the grass, you good fortune, well-being of life, money nature to eyes.

dream about lawn green carpet, fresh, clean, and said you have a long career, there is no obstacle.

dream carefully finishing the green lawn, lawn or full of personality, said your family warm and happy life.

dream about weeds, or no one care for a long time, and the lawn, may said hostile around you at this time, to be vigilant.

scattered flowers blossom on the grass in the dream, you may have unexpected harvest.

dream CuiCao everywhere, the grass, or grass wither, indicate your career or love will be setbacks, are also likely to be sick.

dream about wild grass, said your emotional life some lonely, might as well to communicate with people more cheerful actively.

businessman dream about grassland, predict the success of the rich life happiness.

literary and art workers dream about grassland, suggest you can soon became famous, and rapid accumulation of wealth.


the people in the dream about the grass, indicated in the choppy sea of love, they will be plain sailing.

dream on the other side of the grass is winding mountains, indicate the distance problem.

dream through the green grass, a desolate place, suggest you will get sick, or stuck on the career.

the above is my analysis of dream about lying on the grass and bad, what's the meaning of , hope to help you.