What is the meaning of dream about the wedding

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dream wedding is good, what's the meaning? dream wedding have what symptom? The following analysis for everyone.

dream wedding usually indicates there will be a friends and relatives died.

dreaming that I attend the wedding, said the dreamer with someone or something is in the stage of development;

dreamed that he became a minister, indicated that you will get promoted, future.

dreamed that he looked on, though a person's wedding, predict will have good luck in the home, such as the family member get promoted, examination, etc.

dreamed that he went into the luxurious wedding hall, reception room, predict career success, will win the wealth and fame.

a man dreamed of when the groom, remind you to get in front of feelings and grasp. At the same time in the near future also notice body health, is likely to get sick.

man's dream about childhood, a partner to marry, said their partners and friends of someone's personality, temperament is like.

women dream about the bride and bridegroom was your Mr Right, that you progress quickly in love, will be with her boyfriend made breakthrough progress.

dream about parents to attend his wedding, suggest you'll get unexpected help.

dream about the bride and groom to worship, on the one hand, suggest you may get unexpected heritage given, on the other hand, may also indicated that you will encounter difficulties.

dream about happy laughter, the bridegroom indicates you may encounter like members of the opposite sex, inner excitement.

dream about the wedding has a lot of wine, the recent care should be taken to indicate that you would get into trouble, make you fear.

young men and women in love dreamed that he went to the wedding reception, may also your feelings will encounter twists and turns, you might to small friction and lover.

the above is my analysis of dream wedding is good, have what meaning, want to help you.