Dream about the lock is what mean

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dreamed that the lock is good, what's the meaning? dream about lock have what symptom? the following analysis for everyone.

dream about locks, usually symbol of long life, wealth, health, everything goes well. In addition, when the locks and keys as image appear together in pairs, according to analysis of western psychology point of view, and then the lock may also symbol of women's genitals, have distinct sexual connotations.

dreamed that the lock is good, what's the meaning?

dream about lock, the success, adumbrative career life happiness.

dream about buy a lock that you will get rich and wealthy life.

dream in manufacturing locks, predict future worth looking forward to your career or business.

dreamed that he took, suggesting that you want to accepting heart, even give up their interests and hobbies, dedication to a career, to the many obstacles to success of the service.

dream about someone else picking, suggesting that money or health is threatened.

dream about lock the door, said there was no misgivings, indicated that you will live a stable life, smooth success.

dream about pry open the door, you will succeed.

dreamed up that you will have a nice people that will help you.

dream about lock, suggesting that someone has access to your inner world, your subconscious mind feel emotional risks.

dreamed that he locked the door and indicate that you want to close a period of the past, forget some of the past, don't want to mention.

women dream about lock your drawers, small box and so on, the herald a wealthy life, you will receive a gift, or increase the jewelry.

the above is my analysis of dreamed that the lock is good, what's the meaning of , hope to help you.