What's the meaning of dreaming that I read the book

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dreaming that I am reading a book is good, what's the meaning of ? Dreaming that I am reading what symptom? The following analysis for you.

dreaming that I am reading a book that you'll get achievements.

a man dreaming that I or other people are reading, predict will get new knowledge, working ability was improved, career achievements, or win a love in your life.

dreamed that he was reading a good book, indicated that you will be famous, wisdom, understanding to the simple.

dreamed that he was reading bad books that you may do bad thing, the reputation, and even the infamous.

the married man dreamed that someone is reading a book, and have a son may signal will, children may be a famous scholar in the future, achievement is extraordinary.

if the dream about his own wife was reading and suggest that soon you will receive a good news, the quality of life improved.

women dreamed someone said in reading, knowledgeable, you will think of her husband, her husband's love.

married women dream about reading a book, and may indicate the future daughter will be a outstanding talented woman.

students dreamed that he was reading, says academically, examination results are excellent.

unmarried girl dreaming that I was reading and the predictor of the future husband, knowledgeable, clever on the ball.

merchant dreamed that he was reading a book that you will find a way to effective management, to get rid of the predicament, the business is thriving.

dreamed that the enemy is in reading that rivals in constant progress, and will win the support and reputation. The dream remind you to alert at the same time, do more preparation, and constantly enrich yourself.

dream about reading stone carving the articles, suggest you have wisdom, will be famous.

dream about read and write the word on the ground, you should be careful in someone else's design plot to trap, suffer setbacks.

the above is my analysis of dreaming that I am reading a book is good, what's the meaning of , hope to help you.