What is the meaning of dreaming that I am going abroad

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& have spent dreaming that I am going abroad is good, what's the meaning? dreaming that I am out of state what symptom? The following analysis for everyone.

dream about going abroad, suggesting that you may encounter difficulties, or get sick, the heart longed to escape from reality.

married women dreaming that I go abroad, indicated that is in danger of marriage, is likely to be abandoned by her husband.

unmarried young men and women dream about going abroad, indicates the independent life.

the old dream about going abroad, may be ill, or illness, may be died.

patients dream about going abroad, predict disease may increase.

dreaming that I am in countries where the horrible suffering, predict to be rich, rich.

has been implicated in major cases of people dream about going abroad, is likely to be heavy, may even have been sentenced to death.

dreaming that I am in a foreign country, suggesting that in front of life not too quiet, or inner anxiety, the idea of having emigration or relocation.

the above is my introduction of dream about going abroad is good, what's the meaning of ? I hope it can help you.