Dreamed about pee pee indicated

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dream pee pee indicate what, dream about pee pee will have what meaning? Dreamed about pee pee? The following and see it together.

general dream about urine, is more physical really need to urinate in sleep, to wake up to pee! Don't wet the bed.

patients dream pee pee, will be restored to health.

if dream urinate on their clothes, and said there will be unexpected earnings.

women dream about pee pee in the home, while living youdao, stable family life.

dream pee pee indicate what

a man dreamed that pee pee in the home, predict difficult shall come to an end, but it will get better.

a man dreamed that in a public toilet urine, representative is likely to get sick, pay attention to health problems.

women dreamed in the restroom, urine may be limited by stigma and discrimination, pay attention to adjust state of mind.

dream about urinating in the toilet, says all difficulties will be past, life would be better.

the patient urinate dreamt of in your own toilet, the body will recover.

going to dream about childhood, suggest looking for a time to go out.

about marriage theory to marry people dreamed of urine, that have a chance to marry. Can be honest with people.

preparing for the examination of people dream about urine, said the liberal arts, science department admission scores can't fulfill a wish.

entrepreneurs dream urinate, representing although have money available, cannot careless, otherwise the loss is very large.

pregnant women dream about the toilet to urinate, demonstrates that gave birth to her daughter, son, winter can't stick, logging.

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