What is the meaning of dream about workers

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dream about workers is good, what's the meaning? dream is a microcosm of life, sometimes give people some things.

usually dream male construction workers, have a father, full of power, to build such houses.

if a dream has a construction or maintenance man to repair your house, suggest you will reflect on the problems in your life, and solved it. Dream house symbol of self.

dream about a job in the dredge pipe, suggest you will solve the problem of the emotional ones.

dream about a mechanic, or mechanic in the face of a pile of scattered parts, a symbol of himself in the face of life lay the complexities of the situation, and to put things in perspective, solve the status quo, was very upset.

dream about working in underground miners, it could indicate that you are exploring their own darkness inside.

dream about plumbers, say you of mental or emotional feeling inside.

pregnant women dream about plumbers, it is also possible that the doctor's image in the dream about bad luck.

that is about the dream about workers is good, what's the meaning of the introduction, hope to help you!