Dream about the beard is what mean

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dream beard is good, what's the meaning? dream is a microcosm of life, sometimes give people some things.

in Chinese traditional concept, the image of the birthday girl is often dragged a long beard, so the dream for the beard symbolize longevity.

if a shorter beard, says vitality in a recession, or career, prestige and status will be weakened.

if the dream about his bearded face design, are likely to mean that you will be sweating the trivial life.

dream about a flowing white beard, predict longevity, also said the wisdom of men of mature.

dream about graying beard man, may represent the image of the father and the elder, suggests that you want them to give advice about life.

if the dream about someone else to pull your beard, indicated that you might have insulted, power being despised.

if the dream about beard singular bend, suggesting that you may encounter resistance, get into trouble.

women dreamed of his long beard, is likely to have differences in family life, quarrel with her husband.

if the dream about his long beard, is to remind you of avoid by all means take recent speculation.

that is about the dream about the beard is good, what's the meaning of the introduction, hope to help you!