What is the meaning of dream about better

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dream about better is good, what's the meaning? dream is a microcosm of life, sometimes give people some things.

a man dream about better, portend a long and strong, the disease will be far away from myself.

women dream about better, can live long and prosper, fertility, in later life happiness and.

businessman dream about better, business will thrive, and industry throughout the country, bonanza, works in the business world.

away people who dream about better, will all the way to arrive safely.

the old dream about better, is inauspicious, signal will be sick sooner or later, the day I die.

children dream about better, will live more eloth, grew up to either rich or expensive, become a generation of celebrities.

dream about better, unmarried woman will marry a strong young man for his wife, two people have better love sweet.

dream about talking with better, the dreamer can increase the population in the home, be happy, oh.

dream about better patient, is auspicious, will soon be restored to health.

that is about the dream about better is good, what's the meaning of the introduction, hope to help you!