What is the meaning of dreamed that his bite by a dog

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what is the meaning of a dream he had been a dog, a dream dreamed what meaning would there be bitten by a dog, a dream dreamed by a dog, ok? The following and see it together.

the characteristics of the dog is very loyal to master, hard against the enemy. It is often used symbol of morality, self-discipline, self requirements and discipline or psychoanalysis psychology of superego.

a dog is a burglar in my dream, the so-called thieves, is the heart of those who do not accord with self tao qian's desire and read. The dog is what people call the conscience.

dream that has been bitten by a dog is lost money, will be a friend, there may be killed by fraud risk, is a precursor to spend large sum of money.

dreamt he bite by a dog, will be an enemy, or serious illness.

what is the meaning of a dream he had been a dog

dreamt he bite by a dog, will happen with friends contradictory opinions, sidelining isolated.

dreamt he bite by a dog, represent the relationships between people, also said that he was troubles entanglement or hate people disturb or a small stab, to control their emotions, to avoid an argument with people. Another important point is the dreamer in the near future often see stray dogs, repulsive, very afraid of being they bite, the psychological factors lead to dream bite by a dog.

is bitten by the dog dreamt that he, himself a scar, suggests that the dreamer because of a bad thing, the damage effect to oneself, to the left a shadow in my mind.

dream bitten by your dog, the dog is so loyal, never unprovoked, easily instead hurt his own master, if the dream about be bitten by a dog, please be sure to profound reflection, if there is some improper practices, because of their damage to the relationship between with others or interests. Please cherish the friendship between friends, don't do anything against conscience thing, that friend averse, make hurt yourself.

dream about hand by a dog, there may be hinder development suggests that the dreamer or personal domain breakthrough of adverse factors, mainly is the external cause, may be others with oneself, may also be other bad things, to grasp the main direction of development, also want more attention to detail, detail decides success or failure often.

businessman dreamt he bite by a dog, indicates their careers will expand to other provinces and foreign countries.

women dream about bite by a dog, said their children will be a rebellious children.

single people dream about bite by a dog, heralding the oneself will be out of town, and there will be a lot of harvest.

that is about a dream what is meant by the introduction by a dog! Hope to help you!

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