What is the meaning of a dream being raped

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dreamed that rape is what meaning, a dream can have what implication does rape, dreams of rape is good? The following and see it together.

dreamt of rape to transport, rape is to force others to obey yourself, everything for me, in my dream was extended to oppress people by force, represents the good or bad fortune.

women dream about being raped, means the disease into his body, lying in bed.

women dream about a rapist, under the strong pressure, in a tough position.

dreamed that his girlfriend was raped, predict will suffer losses.

dreamed that he was accused of rape, made of rape, predict will be famous.

dreamed that rape

dream friend made of rape, indicated that friend's unfortunate let you deeply touched.

going to dream about being raped, suggest delayed a few days to go home, safe.

the examinee dreamt of being raped, means that the oral or science achievement is not ideal, affect admission.

pregnant women dreamed of rape, indicated that male, autumn girl, be careful in damage of TaiQi.

entrepreneurs dream about rape, on behalf of strain appropriate available goods in difficult, three times a good grasp of the opportunity.

about marriage theory to marry people dream about being raped, discord, unable to trust each other, not a marriage.

that is about a dream being raped introduced what is the meaning of the content! Hope to help you!