Girl dreams of rape represent 97 0

girls dream about rape represents what, girls dream about being raped what implication, girls dream about being raped? The following and see it together.

the dream about rape, sexual behavior is the highest expression of love between two people and the spiritual, or body is a kind of instinct of selfish behavior.

rape to transport, rape is to force others to obey yourself, everything for me, in my dream was extended to oppress people by force, represents the good or bad fortune.

dream about lambasted want to rape their man, also indicate that you will face strong pressure in a tough position.

the girl dreamed of rape represents what

dreamed that his girlfriend was raped, predict will suffer losses.

dreamed that he went to sleep and rape and indicates you soon because of recent work on a business trip, will be small obstacles on the road, no one can help oneself, the need to solve.

women dreamed that he was raped, heralding the health of your recent bad luck, often there will be some, minor illness life or to take more exercise, body health will have improved.

students dream about being raped, herald a recent test scores, you focus on is difficult to study, only remind yourself constantly efforts, hope that the next test scores have improved.

a man dreaming that I am being raped, indicates you can not do so many things recently, remember must be tough resolute attitude, can surmount every difficulty, go forward, finally achieve their own purposes.

that is about the girl dreamed of rape represents what of, I hope it can help you.