Dreaming that I lost a lot of teeth is what mean

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what is the meaning of dreaming that I lost a lot of teeth ? Dreaming that I lost a lot of teeth is what symptom? The following analysis for everyone.

dreamed that he lost a lot of teeth, indicate what happened today will have a profound effect on the future of the dreamer, is a new start. What you have done to individual character is dye-in-the-wood, hope they can agree with you, is also eager to become the focus in the crowd.

dreaming that I am off teeth, means that your family's health may appear problem, remind the dreamer to cared more about your family's health.

dreamed that he began to pull the tooth, means that growth, become mature;

dream about teeth off, indicated that recently there will be trouble.

young people dream about teeth out, means bad luck, will have the libel or slander of others, oneself will make thousand sheen to resolve difficulties.

dream dream about teeth off, suggests that in the near future you will be trouble, fortunes began to fall.

Dreaming that I lost a lot of teeth is what mean

a man dreamed of tooth, was unlucky said, the ongoing things or plan will encounter obstacles, to thinking, rational and to solve problems.

women dream dream about teeth off, suggest you may and her husband in the home row, will be the family misunderstanding, cause trouble to your life.

dream about a big the tooth, interpersonal relationships well, drive and determination to drive the people around, people skills, remember not too far, or other people's backs up.

dream on both sides of the incisor, signal will have bad things happen, recently reminded the dream Lord more precautions.

dreaming that I lost a lot of the good or ill luck of teeth:

based yun ji, circumstances can be stable, due diligence and have a great success, but success of inferior quality, so that development can't be done, and perhaps have lost again, if the personality or in case there are fierce number, fear of traffic born evil or caught in a weak disease difficult, or urgent work for failure, or fierce distress, scourge of the lv.

Case study on



dream description: last night his lower left molar tooth away after, oneself also personally take it out, and then bring your tongue every day, find a heart teeth out, is this how to return a responsibility, ask tall person to solve! & middot;

dream resolution: it is said that your identity in the shift, can be thrown away in the past, have a good new start, so you start from this moment, we should pay attention to the details of life, and don't let the opportunity.

Case 2

dream description: last night dream about their teeth off, is the right of all the dreams and individual also don't know if the doctor said I want to a bridge, he looked at the said must unplug the above a, then good fixed stay the dentures, so the above me ah pulled one, and then I woke up.

resolution: dream dreamed of tooth, significant here, hope the family in peace, healthy body, all the best. I hope I also everything goes well.

the above is my analysis of what is the meaning of dreaming that I lost a lot of teeth , hope to help you.