Dream dad sick is good

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dreamt that father is ill? What does it mean? Please see below dreamed dad is going on the content of the dream about dad sick sick is introduced:

dreaming that I am sick, said the body health, life, family harmony.

dreamed that he became a patient, signal plan is delayed, or you will get some of others.

dream about sick, suggesting that you should be pay attention to health or to bear the pain, but many are good momentum.

dream ill, means that the pain. The stronger the ability to bear the pain, the more the body health, so said ill health.

dreaming that I am sick, said it might have a little cold, on the other hand is that you want to escape from life now the environment and state of pain. In addition, when your life goes wrong, or there is a problem of human relationships, also dreamed of illness.

dreamed dad sick is good

dream about father, said a repressed self image, liability or specification said there are some things make you feel the pressure. On the other hand may now you don't have any security, and to his father's shoulder to lend you rely on, to protect you, let your heart get stability.

going to dream about my father was sick, suggest there is water overflowing, delay the travel again.

pregnant people dream about father sick, indicated that male, April accounts for a girl, take precautions against TaiQi.

entrepreneurs dream about father is ill, on behalf of the stable profit, not blind investment.

about marriage theory to marry people dream about father is ill, that opinion back, bad mood, indecision, marriage is difficult.

preparing for the examination of people dream about dad sick is very serious, means that the poor, efforts to test again.

merchant dreamed dad sick is very serious, on behalf of profit-seeking have twists and turns and hinder progress more slowly, take precautions against lawsuits.

that is about the dream about dad sick is good dream is going on the entire contents of the father was ill, hope I can help to you.