Dreaming that I am transgender what do you mean

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dreamed that he modified what do you mean? Dream about degeneration is a sign? The following analysis for everyone.

if the dream about gender changed, oneself or others from man to woman, or by the woman became a man, this dream may have modified desire in your subconscious mind, or remind ourselves that certain aspects of the need to strengthen the quality and ability, this is helpful for you.

staff dream about degeneration, means you make little affectations, behind being discovered, the office of the people despise you this little affectations flatter.

a dream degeneration, remind you want to make progress in a must pay hard work, pay only have return.

dream about degeneration by others know, suggested your family pressure, emotional instability of anxiety.

is going to go out of people dream about transgender people, Suggestions have relatives and friends counterparts have auspicious, careful on fire safety.

dreamed that he modified

pregnant people dream about transgender, indicated that the autumn of August was born female, the rest can be a boy.

about marriage theory to marry people dream about transgender, illustrate the two sides have strong, banish and separation (out).

entrepreneurs dream about transgender people, on behalf of the start, and then a disagreement, recession.

preparing for the examination of people dream about transgender, mean you can't fulfill a wish.

the analysis of the above is my dream about what their degeneration, hope to help you.