Duke of zhou interprets dreams dreamed and husband married husband died

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dream about husband, in our country folk, between husband and wife often claimed & other; The husband & throughout; , & other The wife & throughout; . According to legend this call first appeared in the tang dynasty, has been one thousand years. duke of zhou interprets dream husband dead dreamed and husband married what's the meaning? Below small make up to explain:

dream about the husband is ill, good omen, suggesting that the dreamer husband will be more healthy body;

dream about the husband looks pale, tired and suggested that the dreamer in the near future the husband work in life may be encountered in larger pressure, need the dreamer to understand, to help the husband to share some sad pressure, may also be said is the dreamer or family had something wrong with the recent condition reminds the dreamer to pay more attention to health, appropriate to relax, to relieve the pressure in the life;

dream about the husband looks pale, a full face of vicissitudes of life, someone may indicate the dreamer family is sick, a burden of one's back will increase;

dream about husband accident, dreams come mainly from the subconscious fear of her husband, miss and care, mainly is worried about the husband at present situation, is likely to work on, is likely to be in career, if the husband on a business trip, is worried about her husband's safety;

dream about husband and get on well with a lot of women, indicate that the husband is very good, is a woman, to remind the dreamer should care, understanding, understanding the husband, the husband will be more love yourself;

the husband repeatedly dreamed that he had an affair, a crisis suggests that the dreamer couple, you will have many suitors;

dream about husband know his past, indicate the dreamer all difficulties will pass away;

dream and the husband fight, which indicates that the relationship between the dreamer and the husband was more harmonious, but may be in your life because of his competitive, between husband and there will be some party;

dream about fight with husband's former girlfriend, suggests that the dreamer is very care about her husband, and the dreamer also has a strong possessive, do not allow the husband close contacts with other woman, this is human nature;

dream about husband handsome, happy expression, a symbol of the dreamer's happy family life, their future is bright, you will go a long way;

dream about worry about the husband hair drops become bald, dreams reflects the dreamer to her husband's incompetence, weakness of aversion, and resentment, hope the husband can more capable and more excellent;

dream about the husband I think, indicate the dreamer may happened contradiction between couples, but will soon dissolve.

dream about husband abuse themselves, blame themselves for his infidelity, suggests that the dreamer husband very respect yourself, trust yourself, for the dream other troubles, however, will come, when you have other men hit on himself, he should be careful;

dream about the husband become zombies, good omen, indicates the relationship will get better, there will be surprises in life things happen;