Dream about the monk is what mean

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dreamt that monk is good, what's the meaning of ? Dream and have what symptom? The following analysis for everyone.

dream or buddhist monks, good omen, will have good luck.

dream about monk or a monk's sermon, your career will be on the right track.

women dream about spoke to a monk, demonstrates that finds peace in his home, old woman daughter-in-law relation is good, life is happy.

dream about the monk in buddhist sutras, it is suggested that you have anguish, but if you still insist on the concept of the traditional old, you will suffer more mental suffering.

dream about a monk, said you want to jump the pain affection, to rediscover your own soul. On the other hand also indicate that you will find their own faults, and mend fences with your friends or colleagues, forget the unhappy past.

dream about a monk, said you feel pain conditions for life, for complex heart felt afraid, you have been exhaustion of body and mind, want to escape from reality, suggest you can give yourself a break, go through the false, the mood will be calm.

dream about monk came to visit, this is a very auspicious dreams, your home may be in trouble trouble recently, or anything happened, please pay more attention to be careful, don't mind their own business, and pay attention to health, in order to protect peace.

dream about monks, said rich and easy and comfortable life.

dream about monks in the mourning hall, said, in your work career or family will happen some quarrel.

the above is my analysis of dreamt that monk is good, what's the meaning of , hope to help you.