Dreamed about what was being mean

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dreamed of what was being hit, dreamed of what is being implied meaning, the following and see it together.

dream about be being hit, heralding the you in the near future will have good luck, business will succeed, is a good omen.

dream about loved ones are being hit, herald a concern you; May your close relatives of some of the recent situation, let you feel worried when they need you more care and help.

dreamed that he was being dead, the signal you want to change your current situation and position, and the subconscious had determined; As long as the direction is right, will in time to make a decision and action.

dream about lightening will kill others, indicates your relationship is not very good, and it's easy to conflict with others.

need checking dreamed of be being hit, indicates your recent test results.

Dreamed about what was being mean

staff dreamed of be being hit, indicates the recent your money.

married people dream about others are being hit, indicates you have the chance to travel recently, is a good omen.

unmarried men and women dream about others are being hit, adumbrative you recently in love can blossom.

going to dream about be being hit, is under the influence of water cut, delay the start.

preparing for the examination of people dream about being serviceable, means no perseverance to try again, can't be accepted.

business people dream about being, representing a gain, not very smooth, appropriate do wood industry, can make money.

about marriage theory to marry people dream about being hit, show back line, and not harmonious, finally separation or separation.

pregnant people dream about being hit, predict a girl, in the winter of the male, or infertility, little child.

lightening will kill dreams, is good omen, means that the sun can dispel the clouds, in the help of the noble, will soon be out of difficulties.

dream about clouds dispersed by the wind, the sky was clear and means that the disaster will soon be over, and a thing of the past.

five colours of the cloud in the dream, is a symbol of happiness.

dream about clouds, means that lives there will be a bad luck, need early prevention.

dream about clouds, seven color clouds is a symbol of good luck. Dream about the white clouds, suggesting that the dreamer and the harvest of the neighbors will harvest.

dream about dark clouds, dark clouds covered, cloud can block the sun, the symbol of life.

that is about the dream about what was being introduced, hope to help everyone.