Dream about what symptom is trapped by the flood

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dream about trapped by flood is what symptom, dream can have what implication are trapped by the flood, the following and see it together.

dream about trapped by floods, standing on the water, there will be a disaster.

dreaming that I am away in the flood, trapped by the flood, means that emotion will appear confused.

didn't dream about falling into the flood, is inauspicious.

businessman dream about trapped by floods, predict will was washed away by the flood, there may be loss in business.

ordinary people dream about trapped by floods, signal will appear unhappy marriage, disease or your body.

Dream about what symptom is trapped by the flood

dream about hair flood, indicate the dreamer is going to make a fortune, is thriving.

dream about flood destroyed house, is a prosperous one million, indicate the dreamer double this year's harvest is common.

dreamed about the rise and the flood light, high signal dreamer heart, don't aim high.

dream about only one high flood, indicate the dreamer feet on the ground, there will be a successful career, money will be enjoy them all.

dreamed big floods washed away by the child, is a precursor to a wedding, preparing for the upcoming wedding.

dreamed that he was washed away by the flood, indicate the dreamer should be careful the body health.

dream about their parents was washed away by the flood, this is Mr. Dinking boom of trillion.

dream about washed away by the flood of another child, indicate the dreamer money there will be a part of the loss.

there is a dream about the flood of pregnant women, indicate the dreamer, double good.

dream about floods washed away by their own, indicated that the dreamer is unknown things coming, need to be prepared.

dream about flooding in the midst of the sea, indicate the dreamer all bad things will past, good luck will come.

dream about flood water injection well, indicate the dreamer can have such narrow mind trouble, need to pay attention to treatment.

dream about floods in the mountains, indicates that the dreamer will have unexpected things happen.

dream about flood on the street, only does not enter the house, the money did not put in storage, plain life.

the above is about the dream about what is trapped by the flood warning, I hope it can help you.