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dream about what meaning is bitten by the snake, pregnancy pregnant dream about what meaning would there be bitten by the snake, below and see it together.

dreamed that has been bitten by a snake is pregnant pregnant dreamed that the snake is a very common dream, and most of all is a good omen, generally speaking, if the dream is black the signal to a son, if it is a flower snake, is a daughter. If was bitten by the snake is likely to remind you should pay attention to some external danger, take care of yourself and baby's safety.

dreamed by the snake bite bleeding, pregnancy is suggested to pay more attention to yourself and your baby a healthy diet, guarantee the baby to get the best nutrition, health and development.

dreamt of a serpent bite the hands of their pregnancy, it is indicated that part of your chart let nature take its course, treats people sincerely, don't dwell on personal interests and their own desires, otherwise there will be a disaster.

Pregnant dream about snake bite is what meaning be

pregnant dreamed friends bite by a snake, indicates your friends will have a good luck, if is married female friends, while your friends will soon be pregnant, if be unmarried female friends said she will find her true love, and live a happy life.

pregnant dream family that has been bitten by a snake is representing the family life will be more harmonious, can get relatives meticulous care, life in a happy environment.

pregnant dream child bitten by snakes, herald a family feud, will bring a lot of sad and unhappy, at the same time also suggest you to pay more attention to the health of the baby.

women dream about snakes, in the dream he had been bitten by a snake, is auspicious omen, means that there will be good luck, life will be richer.

women dream about snakes, and then kill the snake and snake after coming back to life, marry will find a ideal object, the married men will have an affair or there will be a son.


the above is about pregnancy dreamed of what meaning is bitten by the snake, I hope it can help you.