Dream dream dream about his killing

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dream about murder, too many enemies.

dreamed that he killed an enemy, enemy forces will strengthen.

dreamed that he killed their loved ones, can inherit.

women dreamed that her husband was killed, the couple will be happy, happy.

dreaming that I am hurt by people don't know, will be in health, prolong life.

dreamt that someone wants to kill himself in the home, the murderer will be heir.

dream about charges he had made manslaughter, would be famous.

dream about murder, if someone is relatives is the loved ones around you get seriously ill, please take more attention to.

dreamed of killing their friends or relations work partners, the signal is threatening your around your figures, you must be wary of people behind you slander you or sabotage.

dreamed of killing is a stranger, it indicates his love and money luck.

dream about killing more detailed analytical

on behalf of the end, to kill, determination. But killing can't solve the contradiction, will only increase the hatred, dream about murder means the increase of hatred, more people would hate myself, need to review the words and deeds.

a, if is dreaming that I kill someone, will certainly have a chance before, often represents the defects of your potential, you really want to desperate end very quickly, and in so doing also adverse consequences, so it is a dream, is to remind you pay attention to improve our deficiencies in reality, such as temper, tolerance, and so on. This kind of hatred with hatred, to stop, like the add fuel to the fire, will only make the fire bigger and bigger, a growing hatred. This means that their method in solving conflict is not correct, can the conflict deepened instead.

if you dreamed that he was killed, suicide even beheaded, pay attention to bring you back to the whole process of feeling.

1. Many people dream about death, but people have died, but like not dead, another himself still alive. This dream representatives from deep inside you want to forget. Maybe you would like from the environment now, hope all the troubles in the past to get rid of, completely change yourself.

2. If dreaming that I am very afraid of death is painful, probably you have some trouble recently, let your inner nervous