Dream about body is injured what mean

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what's the meaning of dream about bodily injury ? Dreamed about his injury is what symptom? The following analysis for everyone.

dreamed that he was injured, herald a fine with you in the near future in all aspects of life, everything is satisfactory.

single people dreamed of his injury, indicates the recent good luck, you have a partner pay more attention to planning and preparation for the future, become more sensible and independent, is unwilling to accept no results of love.

merchant dreamed that he was injured, indicates the recent your money well, making money is wise, seize new opportunities to make money, have been focused on investment projects, will be richly rewarded, assets only in not out.

workers dreamed that he was injured, and indicates the recent working condition are ok, you have fun atmosphere, but a little indulgence, will soon turn good, concentrate on the preparation of food, his curiosity is very strong, hope to get different results.

a man dreamed that he was injured, adumbrative more of you in the near future in the career change, has turned the opportunity, because at that time the impulse, to give up something for its own good, better than the choice before remember.

women dreamed that he was injured, indicates the recent your money slowly, have the opportunity to get rich in the future to enhance the consciousness of economical, convenient for later finance.

the old man dreamed that he was injured, heralding the you in the near future will have the opportunity to travel, the way is always full of surprises and joy.

means that the dream about bodily injury in recent you travel abroad, personal charm, professional performance aspects about ideal, mood and ideas change relatively quickly, activity strong, inner to all sorts of things. In dealing with family may have some situation, but you actually don't want to be shut in the home, you need to communicate properly with friends and relatives, let others know what you think.

a man dreamed of bodily injury, for the future of the dream about a powerful aid to gather. As long as it is able to let you don't miss the chance. By elders promoted referral opportunities, but the flipside of look forward to working with human feelings will become a burden, a good opportunity of course, I can accept, but don't be greedy for too much, at least in his own afford within the scope of the oh.

women dream about bodily injury, this two days you can easily be carried away by irrational to spur of the moment, in difficult to think of the moment, you are first to jump out to aggressive, after the hello is not easy to calm down, just discover oneself have hurt many people who support their, let your anger and impatient, but don't know how to clean up the mess.

pregnant women dream about bodily injury, affair continually! And members of the opposite sex communication is very successful, only need a hint, each other can understand your mind. And neither is the active condition a lot! Even if you just want to do friends with each other, feeling for others is also ambiguous! If can't take the boundaries clear, careful gossip!

the above is my analysis of what is the meaning of dream about bodily injury , hope to help you.