Dream of the wilderness

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Wasteland is difficult, wasteland means difficult.

Dream of wasteland, will soon encounter difficulties, need to be prepared as soon as possible.

Dreaming of land reclamation means that difficulties come from home. There will be quarrels and quarrels.

Childless couples dream of opening up wasteland, which means they will give birth to unfilial children.

Businessmen dream of wasteland, which means that business will suffer losses.

Dreaming of walking into fields and bushes means that you put aside your current state of mind or life and enter a state in which everything is possible and you must make a choice. If so, your subconscious is calling you into a new stage of development.

Dream of open space and wilderness, indicating that there are fluctuations in love, which shows your dissatisfaction with your current love situation. Maybe this feeling may end without illness.

If you dream that the wild land is desolate, it symbolizes that your emotional life is very lonely.