Dream about swelling in the eyes is what mean

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dream about eye swelling, what's the meaning of ? Dream about eyes swollen what symptom? The following analysis for everyone.

dream about swelling in the eyes, indicates the recent chart is very good, you do any thing will be successful, so I feel very happy.

dream about eyes, mean men dreamed of being in love big eyes, indicate the dreamer may have rival in love, his love may be others take away;

dreamed that my eyes swollen and not painful, life happiness, no pain.

dream about eye pain, said it would become the head of the office or the factory.

dream about eyes aglow, said predictor of ill health.

dream about eyes to see not clear thing, the dream is more health problems.

unmarried men and women dream about swelling in the eyes, indicates your love is very good recently, side there will be a lot of the opposite sex, so choice, remember can't blind to choose.

students dream about swelling in the eyes, heralding the recent study result is bad, you are the places they usually don't understand, don't know will lead to consult others.

jobseekers dream about swelling in the eyes, indicates your recent bad luck, not with the recommendation of friends and relatives, you want to get a good job opportunity is very small.

like of the person dream about swelling in the eyes, all things can be flexibly yu. If intentionally middleman and did not dare to express feelings, you can bold told him (her), there is no problem.

the above is my analysis of dream eyes swollen what's the meaning of , hope to help you.