Dreamed about his belly is what mean

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dreamed of his belly is supposed to mean? Dreamed about his belly is what symptom? The following analysis for everyone.

dream about big belly, auspicious, will have good luck, happy life.

dreaming that I am pregnant belly, auspiciousness and happiness.

dream about one's belly that money but no breeding.

dream big, dream learn more thought, heralds the dreams of the current will be very happiness of life, the dream will be able to warm and harmonious life with your family together, is a fine of one million.

dream about big belly, heralding the dreamer in the near future will have good luck, have encountered all sorts of things in life will be the dreamer easily solved, and the dreamer's family life also will be a happy, secure, is for the auspicious signs.

dream about someone else's belly, is to remind the dreamer, recently in the life, need to guard against possible rogue, the thief's house on their own, such as harassment, in particular to remember & other; Money is not the thief & throughout; Truth, otherwise easy to provoke rascal, bandits, thieves, etc, to great trouble to their lives and even dangerous.

married childless women dreamed of his belly, is probably because, dreams have been married for a long time, but have not gave birth to a male a female, and the dreamer is looking forward to be able to conceive and bear a son, and therefore this dream may be resulted from the dreamer, thought of the night to dream. In addition, there are also people who believe that on a dream to learn this dream suggests that the dreamer current is likely to have pregnancy, is likely to be the dreams reflect physiological to remind the dreamer, to be prepared to gave birth to the baby.

dream to dream his belly, unmarried woman may be because the dreamer has come to talk about current marriage age, thus the dreamer's heart began to love, and the opposite sex fantasy, this is all is likely to lead to the dreamer to produce such a dream, perhaps, should suggest the dreamer, since have the idea, to practice the choice of a also is very not coarse, only experience, only know the real good or bad things.

women dreamed of his belly, this dream could herald, the dreamer's current will be very happiness of life, the dream will be likely to get the concern and care of family, don't need to worry for a living, at the same time, suggest the dreamer to properly deal with their interpersonal relations, this is the dreamer to improve your interpersonal relations, the best opportunity to make friends, the dreamer life path is very helpful in the future, suggest the dreamer to grasp well.

dream & other; Beer belly & throughout; , the dream may be to remind the dreamer, the recent problems need more attention to your diet, to ensure a healthy diet, is the fundamental guarantee of his own health, don't remind dreamer's desire and overeating, adverse to health, not only may also result in out of shape.

the above is my analysis of what meaning is dreamed of his belly , hope to help you.