Dream about monthly periods is what mean

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dream about monthly periods is what mean? dream come menstruation is what symptom? The following analysis for everyone.

dream about period, indicated that the new life is coming.

dream about wife period, life will be happy.

husband dreamed wife to menstruation, menstruation, said the harmonious happy life.

dreaming that I to menstruation, today you easily from friend's betrayal, whether intentionally or unintentionally, you are hard to find, can only be found in work has hindered. But all things are better on their own.

Dreamed about his period in

to go out, the road is hard, and do not recommend to go out, to postpone the trip.

dreamed of his period in office worker, recently you work is not very smooth, controlled more, will be forced to in balance of interests. Suggest more cooperative communication between with colleagues, can ease the burden.

students dreamed of his period in school, hard luck alone is not get good grades.

the love people dreamed of his monthly periods, recently a little bit nervous relationship, between lovers quarrel happens, better advice to each other more personal space, cannot do anything too much.

single people dream about their monthly periods, love is not very smooth, there will be difficulties and obstacles, be careful, the other party may be no for you in that sort of feeling, is unfavorable.

young people dream about period, marks the prelude to you in the near future in the aspect of body pay attention to heart disease, reproductive system also need to be careful, perhaps will feel backache, remember to pay attention to usual care and protection.

job seekers dream about period, indicates your luck, the recent application to adjust their targets, will find that there are a lot of opportunities, service industries with new opportunities and seize them.

the above is my analysis of dream period in what is the meaning of , hope to help you.