Dreamed about his belly bulge is what mean

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dreamed of his abdomen bilge what's the meaning of ? Dreamed about his belly bulge is what symptom? The following analysis for everyone.

dreamed of his belly bulge, which is rich of good omen, is to get the thing that oneself like, beyond the limit of daily need.

dream about ate difficult to digest food, upset stomach, on behalf of the dreamer has money to burn, also suggest the dreamer in the daily diet, not overeating.

dream about bloated, married women to have kids soon.

unmarried women dream about bloated, rich means to marry into giants.

stomach filled, it is their favorite food, it represents the wishes and desires.

widow dream about bloated, catastrophe will happen.

dream about underwent abdominal operation, there will be progress desires of the heart. Will be popular with the opposite sex, the pursuit of you came in an endless stream. In this case, when you available mr.right & hellip; & hellip;

dream about abdominal pain, such as ground roll in bed, finances rise. There might be a windfall. But next year, is easy to forget the change in places such as restaurants, supermarkets, so be careful.

dreamed that he was to use a knife to fend off belly, you will come true, all the best. You will receive the good news.

dream about his stomach pain, means that the dreamer to success for healthy and energetic, and praised by the people.

dreamed of his belly exposed, suggest the dreamer in trust of someone may infidelity.

the above is my analysis of dreamed of his abdomen bilge what's the meaning of , hope to help you.