Dream about fingers is what mean

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dream about finger what's the meaning of ? Dream about fingers is what symptom? The following analysis for everyone.

dream for fingers, demonstrates that the business is thriving, income will increase.

dream about short fingers, said spare your life. The pinch.

dream about multi-finger hand, indicated that there will be a guest arrives.

dream about finger was burned, said you get jealous.

dream about little finger, indicated that you will encounter are unable to control things, or money in dispute.

dream about finger was cut off, suggests that the dreamer will lose a very precious thing, to bear hardships.

dreamed that he cut his finger, and indicated that you will have love fighting, and eventually become a winner.

dream about bleeding finger, should be vigilant, suggesting that hard work money might be taken away.

dream about special long fingers, indicates a sharp, lack of popularity in life, in love, either.

dream about twisted fingers, said you may profit by unfair means.

dream about the injured finger, you will get into trouble.

dream about fingers wrapped in gauze, suggest you will smooth out of danger.

dream about beautiful hands and white fingers, said love you give will be rewarded, you will be famous for their love.

dream about hands or fingers are sore, don't worry too much, it indicated that you will have unexpected little money, there may be no need to hard work, have got a windfall and extra money.

the above is my analysis of what is the meaning of dream about finger , hope to help you.