What's the meaning of dream about abuse others

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dream about abuse others what is the meaning of ? Dream about abusers is what symptom? The following analysis for everyone.

dream about abusers, root cause is because of anger. The anger is likely to be the shadow of childhood, never fade. He thought to harm others - mostly his loved ones. While you are awake, most people will not have abusive behavior, but in dreams, repressed desires will be pouring out.

dreamed that he abused, that means you will be in their daily life badly treated by the enemy!

pregnant people dream about being abused, demonstrates that boys, June and July for born girl, but be wary of moving TaiQi abortions.

business people dream about being abused, indicate rough hard business, not big investment, otherwise the losses.

people dream about being abused, in love each other sincere confidence towards marriage, marriage can become.

benmingnian people dream about being abused, suggests that the dreamer to take precautions against small design frame, everything carefully, you are the agent into the Yin god.

dream about sexual abuse, it is a dream, not necessarily said sexual special meaning, more often, expression is the dreamer desire to want to prevail in a relationship, or to the extreme hate swayed by others.

dream be sadistic cruelty, heralding the you have learned that their real intentions, straight in to modify their spiritual level.

dreaming that I am a sadistic, suggesting that human will be big problems, must learn to look back.

dreamed that he was sadistic cruelty, suggests that the dreamer in the real psychological desire to be treated.

dream about abuse someone, say you and other people's business relations and the misery and waste.

dreamed that he abused that you will be in their daily life by the abuse of the enemy.

the above is my analysis of dream about abuse others is what meaning, want to help you.