Dream is disgusting things is what mean

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dream about nausea is, what is the meaning of things ? Dream about things what symptom is disgusting? The following analysis for everyone.

dream about nausea, to reflect the mood changes, the dreamer's life might be about something or some people feel very tired.

dream about disgusting things, means a kind of fear, fear of a disease and contingency, the fear of the hide not to open, need to adjust their own state of mind.

dream about others to their disgusting things, mean in terms of interpersonal communication, they will be unforgivable mistake, should take notice, will offend a friend.

dream want to vomit, to take a boat to distant countries.

dream cause vomiting, misery and poverty.

dream about smell some nausea, on the one hand may be a reflection of his sleep environment, on the other hand may indicate the dreamer is affected by some kind of negative, corruption, vice, content.

if the dream about your disgusting things, may indicate the dreamer is not adapt to the environment, now someone or something that makes you very like it, to adjust mentality, maybe they are not your imagination of so annoying.

if the dream is the behaviour of others feel sick, may be to remind yourself, don't make a shameful act.

the above is my analysis of dream about nausea is, what is the meaning of things , hope to help you.