Dream about red lips is what mean

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dream about lips red what is the meaning of ? Dream about red lips is what symptom? The following analysis for everyone.

dream lips main loyalty.

lip usually is also a symbol of female genitalia, may appear in erotic dream. Such may dream is pure pleasure, which did not other implied meaning.

dream about mouth has a similar meaning, but also suggests that nourish (or love).

all lies from the mouth. And the function of the lips, is to control the opening and closing of the mouth, control yourself only tell the truth not lies. So in a dream, and your lips means loyalty.

dream about their own lips red, is a healthy body, a sign of life rich, means that people really, good credit, thus bring a healthy body and rich life.

dream about lips white or yellow, will be sick.

and a white or yellow, if his lips means due to the character and the inner problem, for their disease.

dreamed of his thick lips, means too loyal, so that can't distinguish right and wrong, even if the abuse, insult by others, is still reluctant to rebel.

a man dreamed woman very red lips, means that the temptation, are women cheat.

dream about white-lipped woman, means foreign provoke cannot succeed, wife or friend of constancy.

dream about black woman lips, means foreign pressure will make yourself do the hard, tired and sickness.

dream about lips very thin woman, thin like cutter is mean and mean here live in the harsh environment, only you can bring sunshine to her, your love will get a satisfactory result.

the above is my analysis of dream about lips red what is the meaning of , hope to help you.