Dream of nephew died I burst into tears

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dream nephew died I cry, five lines of main water to the dreamer, you have more recent heart depressed, too sensitive, are adverse to the development of your life, dream geely in winter, the spring dream not lucky.

nephew, it will be a symbol of the family, is on behalf of the thoughts of you looking for in a relationship is more family cannot tolerate your relationships, your elders matter in quite a lot of feelings for you.

women in love the dreamer, recently in a relationship will have trouble things, but you are looking for in a relationship is long-term look forward to and planning, but is too sensitive for love, not trust with all my heart to the other party.

in the near future of the intention to meet the parents had this dream, career development, the economic situation will cause a bad for you, make love to you has other ideas more, life is bad.

with catering, food and other related industries is the dream, water, fire for wealth, career developing smoothly. Treat each other sincerely with others, make connections, good career development.