The woman dreamed of thick snow on the ground 1 0

White snowflakes cover all dirt and symbolize cleanliness < p > the merchant dreamed that it was snowing and he was going to do business in a distant country < p > if you dream of white snow in the sky, you can get a promotion in your recent work < p > mountain people dream of snow and will leave their place of residence and move to a distant town. I wish < / P > < p > men dream of snow, which means they are reliable and never covet small and cheap, so they can be trusted and live a rich life. The patient dreamed of snow, which meant that the dirt in his body was removed and he would soon be healthy < p > a woman dreams of snow, which means thinking of others all the time and everywhere. All the worries in life can't make her lose her smile < p > from the original meaning of dream content: snow is crystalline ice, symbolizing an idea or plan with a specific shape < / P > < p > < br / >

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