What does it mean to dream of small snowflakes in the sky

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Those who seek money abroad go north. It's unlucky to go south and get this dream. Those engaged in design, wine and other related industries are good at observing words and colors, have a peaceful personality, and have more support from noble people. This is a good omen. If you get this dream, you can go to a higher level by cooperating with people who belong to rats and people who belong to snakes < p > < br / > < / P > < p > those engaged in art, philosophy and other related industries are under great pressure, but they are entangled with others, resulting in some uneasiness in your heart < p > < br / > < / P > < p > in the dream of a single man, those who disagree with others because of small things have constant conflicts and adverse career conditions. What water represents also shows signs of thinking and skepticism. There are many intrigues < p > < br / > < / P > < p > the dream of a married man is the performance of getting along well with others. With the support of noble people, those who get this dream are smart, good at observing words and colors, have excellent fortune, and are engaged in financial management and investment, which are mostly signs of good luck