What Dream About Abuse Means

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Abuse Dream Meaning

Why do you dream of bullying? The dream interpretation indicates: you will have to resist the intrigues of enemies, solve emerging problems with friends, and feel injustice, infringement of your rights. A vision in a dream is a harbinger of a failure of plans or unpleasant news.

The dream plot about some kind of abuse is a harbinger of the appearance of problems in relationships with friends due to the prejudice and pride of the sleeping person.

Seeing someone's mockery in a dream often means that the dreamer underestimates the people around him and shows excessive naivety.

Why do you dream of animal abuse? The dream book warns: you will become a victim of some kind of injustice, or you will accidentally fall under reprisal against the unwanted.

What does it mean if you had a dream of enduring cruelty from ill-wishers? In reality, troubles and even shame are coming. But you must not lose heart - try to meet these trials with dignity.

If someone beat you or offended you in another way in a dream, this promises an infringement of your rights or deception. The dream warns of infringements in a commercial transaction.

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    The interpretation of the dream considers plots where the sleeper saw abuse against:
  • another person – quarrels, misunderstandings, conflicts with others;
  • a baby - your endeavors will fail;
  • a cat - you will defeat enemies;
  • a dog – you will not help a friend in a difficult situation, which can lead to a serious quarrel.

Why do you dream of such actions regarding you? According to Miller, the vision portends bad news, which will make you weaken your attempts to provide yourself a comfortable life.

A dream about hazing someone whom the sleeper confronts, protecting a person who has been subjected to injustice, means: after struggling with an unfavorable situation or circumstances, good luck awaits you.

The dreaming about help provided by the dreamer to the one who became the victim of someone's ridicule is a good omen. The dream interpretation is encouraging: after the trials, a difficult period in personal relationships will end and happiness in love awaits you.