What Dream About Abduction Means

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Abduction Dream Meaning

The abduction in a dream, in the opinion of the dream interpreters, is a powerful symbol which is related to such concepts such as slavery and violence. The person who was kidnapped parted with independence and freedom, completely being at the mercy of other people.

If the dreamer helped his captors in the dream, this means he would give some problematic sphere of life in someone’s hands in reality. Another interpretation of such a dream is the subconscious surrender of positions, the feeling of the final loss of independence and control of the situation.

If the dreamer is familiar with the captors it means that the feeling of hopelessness, the fateful trap organized by life doesn’t leave the person. Seeing someone close to you in the role of the kidnapper is the sign of discontent with the widespread control of this person.

Medea relates dreams about kidnapping with a situation when all the dreamer’s tasks will be solved without his direct participation.

Making grand plans for the abduction of a famous person is caused by subconscious dissatisfaction with the current situation or social status.

According to Miller, the dream about abduction or kidnapping expresses the fear of the dreamer to make important decisions, shifting the responsibility onto the shoulders of others.

To participate in the abduction of a loved one (sister, son or brother) in a dream speaks of unconscious control and custody of your relatives, who are clearly dissatisfied with this state of affairs.

If the dreamer was abducting children himself, this image predicts a happy future and a good union. Also to kidnap a child in a dream is explained by the dreamer's desire to start a family.

If a man watched his wife being abducted and didn’t make any attempts to save her, such plots indicates a rival who has all the chances to win his beloved woman.

To worry about the kidnapping of a younger sister or a child in a dream indicates a moral exhaustion of a sleeper.

Experiencing abduction by aliens in a dream is associated with a sincere desire to radically change the situation, escape from reality and obligations. A modern interpreter associates the dream with a forthcoming unhappy adventure.

If you dreamed that a UFO took away one of your relatives, this means you will have difficulties in communication with this person.