What Dream About Swans Means

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Swans Dream Meaning

Graceful and proud swans in a dream are considered a symbol of mutual love and loyalty and they foreshadow happiness and favorable changes in the house.

According to Dr. Freud’s dream book, a dream with swans floating in the sky is a good symbol identifying a harmoniously developed person without any sexual deviations. Shooting this bird in a dream reveals the dreamer's aggressive perception of the opposite sex.

According to Miller’s dream book, white swans swimming in a quiet and calm water surface reflect excellent prospects and promise pleasant experiences in reality. To see black birds gliding in clear water foreshadows dubious pleasures.

According to Aesop, the dream of a swan symbolizes a meeting with a person with purity, grandeur and grace.

If a man saw a white swan, this plot promises meeting with an innocent girl who will bring new sense into his life. A black swan in a dream is considered a precursor of something bad. Probably in the near future you will be amazed by the hypocrisy of a loved one.

A dream with dead swans reflects the dreamer's satiety with earthly pleasures. Also, according to other dream books, dead birds promise disappointment.

Crystal swans personify the fragility of dreams and family relationships. For a girl such a vision characterizes the dubious merits of her beloved man. If you dreamed that you broke a crystal swan through carelessness, this means that positive changes are coming in the family sphere.

Seeing a swan surrounded by ducks or geese indicates that you underestimate a person in real life, which you will later regret.

If you dreamed of little swans, it means that you will have to experience untold joy and pride in your children. A swan flying in the sky symbolizes the need to take a break from your other half. Watching the swans fly in the sky foreshadows pleasant expectations which will soon be fulfilled. A swan flock predicts an upcoming wedding for a young girl.

To feed the swans with bread crumbs predicts loyalty of a loved one. Throwing stones at them means you should get ready for a big disappointment, which can discourage people from getting to know each other and start a serious relationship with the opposite sex.

Seeing the swan family in the zoo reflects the dreamer's need for peace and quiet. To feed the swans with something tasty - in reality you will be able to avoid great disappointment, and also indicates the possibility of forgiving your friend for a mistake.