What Dream About Surrogate Mother Means

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Interpretation Of A Dream About Surrogate Mother

Miller’s dreambook is sure: if you had a dream of surrogate mother, your marriage will be unhappy. This is a sign of big trouble and shame for a girl.

In general the interpretation of surrogate motherhood in a dream is usually negative because it indicates that the dreamer is exposed to an outside effect that suppresses his will. The same image hints at a serious illness.

At the same time, such motherhood symbolizes someone’s joy in a dream, which you will accept as your own. The image promises good luck, emotional growth and improvement of life circumstances.

If you dreamed that you are busy with the question of surrogate motherhood, this means that a certain insignificant event will literally turn your life.

    In order to get the correct interpretation of the plot, you should consider who saw a dream about surrogate mother:
  • Young girl – deceit;
  • Woman – betrayal, danger;
  • Man – fulfillment of his wish, joy;
  • Elder dreamer – long years of living;
  • Rich person – financial loss;
  • Poor person – profit.

If you happened to have a surrogate mother for your child in a dream, you will have to implement the idea that someone else has been carrying for a long time.

At the same time, being a mother for someone else’s child literally means that you will develop a plan, but will not be able to realize it for various reasons.

If you happened to be pregnant with someone else’s child, this means you will start a very difficult and long-term endeavor.

If you dreamed that, as a surrogate mother, you safely gave birth and gave the baby, you will definitely bring the project to the end and pay off debts.

If you happened to find yourself in the role of a surrogate mom, this is a symbol of quarrel with your husband and losing understanding with your own children.

Seeing yourself pregnant in a dream means you should not pay attention to temporary difficulties and build the most audacious plans. There will be an excellent opportunity to fulfill them soon, and more likely at someone else's expense.

A dream about surrogate mother giving birth to your healthy baby is a sign that you are completely ready to realize a long-standing dream or project.

If your acquaintances have a child with a help of surrogate mother, the dream Interpretation calls for action immediately, otherwise you will miss the right moment and all the attempts will be wasted.

A dream where a man became a father thanks to a surrogate mother is a sign that your plans are somewhat fantastic, but under certain conditions, quite real.

Easy and fast labor means that you will be able to shift a part of obligations or responsibilities onto other person.

If the surrogate mother or the baby died at labor in your dream, this symbol means that an attempt to improve life circumstances or relationships with someone will not bring results.

Seeing that a freak or a sick child was born means that you should get rid of evil thoughts or intentions before it is too late.