What Dream About Strangling A Person Means

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Strangling A Person Dream Meaning

If you made an attempt to strangle a person in a dream, this image reflects your wish to complete some responsible task, free yourself from burdensome obligations, gain freedom.

Strangling someone in a dream is a sign that it is time to finally deal with the hidden, and therefore especially painful conflict.

Strangling and killing a person in a dream means you conceived to deliberately get rid of some side of your own personality.

The desire to kill a stranger also means: it became necessary to get rid of an unpleasant situation. Sometimes you can see someone's self-suffocation before participating in a scam that smears your name.

If you started to strange the person and suddenly kill him, this is a sign that there is problem that makes your life difficult in real life.

If you consciously decided to strangle the character you were dreaming about, this means that a situation that will literally lead to despair is approaching.

Having strangled a man and not knowing what to do with the corpse in a dream is a promise that difficult time will come to and end soon, but will leave a mark forever.

If you happened to strangle a man to death, you will experience a strong disgust. If you dreamed that you were strangled to death, the dream book predicts a serious emotional shock.

This plot means that you have decided to break the current love affair, marriage or business relationship. The same plot hints at the desire to subordinate someone, to make not just listen, but also perceive.

If you saw one person hold another person’s throat in a dream, the dreambooks recommend making a firm decision, even if you don’t particularly like it in order not to get to dead end.

If the strangling took place right in front of you, this means that a relative or close friend will get rich and share some of his money for sure.

Seeing another person being strangled and do nothing means you are killing all bright spiritual impulses.

    In order to get the detailed interpretation, the dreambooks recommend taking into consideration not only the victim, but the strangler as well:
  • Boa, snake - the pressure of a high-ranking person.
  • Brownie - troubles, problems, death of the owner.
  • Someone invisible - ubiquitous difficulties, fear, lies.
  • A woman - a marriage of convenience, deceit, participation in intrigues.
  • A man - betrayal of a friend.

If the rapist or thug intended to strangle you in a dream, this is an unkind sign that promises real problems for a young girl. For all the rest, the dreambook offers a great future: current relationships will change for the better, and things will suddenly go uphill.

If your beloved man tried to strangle you in a dream, you should be ready for a trouble from the most unexpected side. This also means you will have to accept the subordinate position for some time.

Dream interpretation believes that in reality you will find yourself in a hopeless situation if you were strangled by a good acquaintance.

If a stranger tried to strangle you in a dream, this means that someone unknown decided to make your life difficult. Being strangled by someone you know is a symbol of getting into dependence.

If you tried to strangle a deceased person, this means you will choose isolation and solitude. To see the deceased at the time of strangulation, according to the dream book, means that the closest people will offend, accuse and insult you.

An attempt to strangle a dead person symbolizes the events that will occur through your own fault, but will cost too much.