What Dream About Strabismus Means

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Strabismus Dream Meaning

Strabismus is an unpleasant defect of vision, which can interfere with the life of not only its carrier, but also his environment. If you dreamed of someone suffering from this disease, it means that in the real world you will find an annoying company of very unpleasant people. If a man dreamed of his beloved who squints at him, it means that he can lose her if he does not curb his own lust for women. Such a dream, seen by a girl, threatens her with the loss of her reputation, Miller states.

If you dream that a friend or stranger, close or distant (any) man stares at you intently, but at the same time his eyes are squinting, and you can only guess that he is looking in your direction, and not anywhere else, then this It means that you should think about your behavior. Perhaps about you already have wicked fame, as a femme fatale, the Intimate dreambook considers.

A person with strabismus is nothing more than a symbol of a misunderstanding of the obvious reality. Such an image, which appeared in your dream, warns that you will do things that will be interpreted incorrectly, or you will understand someone’s act not the way that the person wanted.

If you dream that you have strabismus, this means that your love dreams will not come true; your love fantasies are too far from reality; you are often mistaken in the assessments of the people you deal with; it is clear that your business does not benefit from such behavior.

If in a dream one of your friends’ eyes suddenly became crossed - you do not notice a drawback of yours, which is evident for other people.

Cross-eyed man – everything is not as you are being presented; people around you say lies.