What Dream About Stones Means

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Stones Dream Meaning

  • What stones symbolize in dreams?
  • Jewelry with precious stones in a dream: what is the spiritual meaning?
  • Stones in the water and ashore in a dream.
  • Dreaming about stones of different colors and properties.
  • Interpretation of your actions with stones in a dream.

What stones symbolize in dreams?

What is the spiritual meaning of stones seen in a dream? Stones are a rather contradictory symbol; they personify heaviness and obstinacy, inviolability and cold. Interpreting what rocks and stones represent in dreaming, the dream book draws attention to their color, type and related circumstances. Flying cobblestones symbolize enmity in a dream, regardless of who the initiator of the throw is. A stone that appeared on your way heralds difficulties in business; underwater stone means patience and support.

Many minerals attach romantic nature to the meaning of the dream, some of them serve as a warning about possible problems, dangers and at the same time give a hint how to avoid such troubles.

Sometimes stones are seen in a dream by callous and indifferent people with stone heart. They can also reflect the heaviness in the soul, which does not give one rest in reality.

Another interpretation of dreams is no less common: stones, as you know, are the oldest building material that has long symbolized stability and fundamentality. Having a dream about stones means creation, achieving a goal, well-being of a home.

Jewelry with precious stones in a dream: what is the spiritual meaning?

What is the meaning of dreams of precious stones and jewelry with them? The dream book interprets such plots depending on what emotions they evoke in your dream. If you are not blinded by their splendor, a dream suggests that you know how to truly enjoy passion and strong feelings.

If you happen to see a dream about gold jewelry with stones the beauty of which you cannot resist, the dream warns of possible disappointments associated with pipe dreams.

Why one dreams of jewelry with stones, the plot of the dream can tell. The loss of such jewelry can result in disappointment; the acquisition promises luck in reality, and the abundance of stones in the product will bring protection and patronage to the dreamer.

Explaining what dreams about jewelry with precious stones mean, the dream book promises the dreamer a fascinating journey, the opportunity to participate in exciting and interesting events.

What is the meaning of a dream about a ring with the stone? The dream book explains it with the coming changes in your personal life. For unmarried people, the dream presents a chance to start a family, but those who are already married are advised to avoid quarrels, otherwise it can turn into divorce.

Anyone who had a ring with a stone on his finger in a dream will receive great honors in reality. The dream book also mentions such joyful and significant events as a successful marriage or the birth of a child.

Dreaming about bracelet with precious stones portends a considerable surprise: one of your old acquaintances, to whom you are not indifferent, will show himself from a completely unexpected side. It is possible that this will become clear in a non-standard, not to say scandalous situation.

What it means if you dream about gold earrings with stones? This plot is somehow connected with the news. As a rule, this is news of joyful, positive events. For example, you will learn that you have successfully completed an interview and got the job of your dreams.

When you are dreaming of earrings with stones this can serve as a warning. Do not succumb to false rumors and even more so do not spread them. Avoid gossip and respect the secrets of others if they trust you.

A pendant with a stone seen in a dream is often a reflection of the strange feeling that one of the spouses is sitting on the other’s neck. It is no secret that such misunderstandings in the family can one day develop into conflict. To avoid this, it makes sense to talk heart to heart.

To receive a necklace with stones as a gift in a dream is a favorable symbol that testifies to the well-being in your home. If someone puts it on your neck, the dream gets a negative connotation: you are too dependent on the partner.

All dreams containing stone beads will turn out to be a pleasant surprise for you. You will hear the good news, get unexpected profits or a gift, you can carry out your plan.

Stones in the water and ashore in a dream.

One can only envy if you dream about stones in the water: a romantic evening by candlelight awaits you. The dream book claims that you will certainly spend it with your loved one in a cozy place, almost in private.

If you happened to see the sea and stones on its shore in a dream, remember how they looked. Gray and boring looking pebbles portend tedious communication; large boulders which are so nice to sunbathe at will bring good luck.

Often, large stones seen in a dream warn in advance that you will have to work hard in reality. The path to the goal will be much more thorny than anticipated. One will have to overcome not only physical obstacles, but also the machinations of ill-wishers.

The dream that the ship crashed against stones can subsequently scare the dreamer a lot. The dream interpretation indicates a sudden incident, while promising that you will be able to get off with a slight fright.

If you are lucky enough to see stones washed by water in a dream, the dream book claims that in the near future you will have a powerful patron. So be patient, it’s not long to wait.

Dreaming about stones of different colors and properties.

What does the dream about green stone mean? It depends on whether you found it or lost it. The find promises wisdom and faith in oneself; the loss means that it is precisely these qualities that you will not get at the crucial moment.

The dream interpretation considers a red stone in a dream a favorable sign in all respects. This is a symbol of determination and the ability to win; you will soon have the chance to demonstrate these character traits. But there is one exception to the rule in the interpretation: this stone, being on your way, represents a serious opponent.

If you dream about the stone Alatyr, a dream book connects it with the solution of important issues. It is a particularly favorable symbol if you dreamed about a successful attempt to climb onto its surface in a dream. In this case you can count on help which will be very useful.

When the blue stone was seen in a dream, the dream book warns that in the near future it is unlikely that it will be possible to gain understanding of others. Do not even hope that they will want to share your enthusiasm and optimism, as well as appreciate your great humor.

Black stone is perhaps the most unfavorable symbol in a dream, a harbinger of bereavement and even mourning. However, according to other interpretations, this is a storehouse of forbidden knowledge and a reservoir of power, accessible not to everyone. It is possible that you are among the favorites.

According to the dream book, colored stones in a dream are harbingers of tremendous success. In addition to the award in the form of the achieved goal, there will be many people who wish to congratulate you on your triumph. Only you will not have time for fun.

Dreaming of white stones personifies your eternal values, that unshakable beginning, which is forever with you, - says the dream book. The way you treated them in a dream indicates the degree of your self-esteem in real life.

The Psychoanalytic dream book claims that beautiful stones seen in a dream are a symbol of a mother. The dream personifies immutability, eternal values, reliability. Regarding the emotional background, the dream book recommends the development of sensuality and empathy.

Everything related to dark-blue stones in dreams is connected with the subtle world. This is a spiritual beginning, the meaning of life, romantic feelings. Perhaps the dream is trying to reveal your hidden talents, encouraging you to identify and fulfill them.

Interpreting why the moonstone is seen in a dream, the dream book first of all reports that your life will not be the same as before. This symbol of inconstancy that appeared in a dream portends a change in personal life in reality, a journey or even moving to a new place.

Semiprecious stones are not a good sign for a dreamer. According to the dream book, they may be harbingers of false or incomplete information in reality. The dream calls to double-check any information, even obtained from reliable sources.

Interpretation of your actions with stones in a dream.

The one who often happens to throw stones at live targets in a dream often masterfully makes enemies in reality as well. The true reason for the hostility is so insignificant that, most likely, it has been forgotten long time ago, but the consequences remain. Dream Interpretation advises controlling your anger.

What it means if you throw stones in a dream? As Miller’s dreambook suggests, stones thrown by you are not a sign of aggression at all. On the contrary, it is a desire to warn of something very important, as well as to protect and defend. According to the interpretation, they symbolize hardships and difficulties, most of which you will be able to handle.

If in a dream someone decided to throw stones at you, the dream book reports that in real life you have a lot of ill-wishers who are just waiting for the right occasion to do something like this. Try to neutralize the enemies, how much can you live among such people?

When stones fall from the sky in a dream, such a plot is a harbinger of catastrophes. The dream interpretation does not specify the scale of the disaster, they can equally well affect a whole region or even a country, or be reduced to a personal, nonetheless, global problem of the dreamer himself.

To make it very clear what the stones falling from the sky symbolize in a dream, one should remember how friendly they were towards the sleeping man. If the dreamer miraculously avoided the rockfall, this means you will be able to avoid a terrible fate in real life as well.

There are frequent cases when the dreamer happened to extract semiprecious stones from the walls in his apartment. What will the dream book say about this? It turns out that what you have been looking for so long has been very close all this time, in your father's house or even in yourself.

Dreaming of gathering stones is interpreted ambiguously. On the one hand, a dream represents hard work or an obstacle; on the other, your stubbornness will help overcome all obstacles.

If you had to collect gems in a dream, a positive solution to the most pressing issue is planned. A favorable outcome will not take long and will not require much effort.

To someone who was lucky to find gems, a dream book predicts success in a long-planned commercial enterprise, which will come not only one: a change of activity will help discover new talents in yourself.