What Dream About Son You Don’t Have Means

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Son You Don’t Have Dream Meaning

Very often a person sees in a dream something that doesn’t exist in reality, but which he either longs for or is wildly afraid of. An example, a dream about a son who does not exist in reality.

According to Miller, if you had a dream of a son whom you do not have, but in a dream you see him a handsome, smart and obedient little boy, then you can rejoice, because such a vision means honor and glory. But the dream that the non-existent son was born disabled means sadness and suffering.

    Pay attention to the color of the hair of the son who does not exist in reality, but whom you saw in a dream, dream books advise. This fact can change the meaning the plot.
  • If you dreamed that your son was blond, you can be expecting joyful and pleasant chores.
  • The boy turned out to be a brunet - do not enter into disputes, otherwise you will regret it.
  • The red-haired little son prophesies unbridled fun and joyful meetings.
  • You see that the child is completely hairless – this is a sign of unexpected and unpleasant obstacles.

If the dreamed child is still quite small - you will find home and family chores that will bring more pleasure than fatigue, preacher Loffa states. And if the child already knows how to walk and talk, this means you need to monitor your actions and words, otherwise you can tell too much to someone you should not, and you will scold yourself for a long time, the dream book of the famous priest suggests.

Had a dream that a son from the plot is already a fully grown boy? What this story warns about, Tsvetkov’s dream book will tell: you are not happy that people around you are trying to patronize you in every possible way. You do not feel like an adult, this is especially true for men.

Do you want to know why you have a dream that a boy who is your son only in a dream expresses himself very shockingly? Remember, if anyone suggested you committing a daring act recently. If this happened to you, then remember how you felt in a dream because of the tricks of your boy: you were ashamed - a real adventure would bring you problems; if you didn’t pay much attention to this - take a chance, the endeavor can turn to be a success.

The interpretation of the dream that your non-existent son is a grown man warns of the following: if you want to get a new position or salary raise, you should stop spreading rumors.

A Gypsy interpreter predicts a career take-off for someone who had a son-boss in a dream, but if your child worked in a low-paid position, then you should not expect a promotion.

Having a lazy son, who is already an adult, but prefers to “sit” on your neck in a dream is a sign of stagnation in your career and lack of prospects, Tsvetkov’s dreambook states.