What Dream About Someone Else’s Wedding Means

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Someone Else’s Wedding Dream Meaning

Seeing your daughter’s wedding in a dream means getting rid of everyday worries and responsibilities, idle, not burdensome life.

A dream about your sister’s wedding usually means great life changes, in which this sister will take part. If your sister is not married, this can symbolize her serious illness; if she is married – fulfilling of her plans and wishes coming true.

A dream about your son’s wedding means you will get a chance to protect your son and you from troubles; this dream is a reminder that you have a guardian angel.

If you see your brother’s wedding, this plot is warning you about an unpleasant admirer whose attention will be persistent and annoying and it will be difficult to get rid of him.

Seeing your parents’ wedding is a positive sign saying about long happy life of the couple without big problems.

A dream about your mother’s wedding is a warning for the dreamer that he should take a very good care of his mother and shield her from depression and worries. Any kind of stress can be reflected badly on her health.

A dream about relatives’ wedding is a prediction of a good and careless period of life without any problems.

Seeing a dream about your partner marrying someone else is unpleasant and has quite negative interpretation: it predicts big quarrel that can lead to separation. You should be careful and try avoiding open conflicts if you want to keep your relations.

Your friend’s wedding in a dream is a sign of future fruitful cooperation that can grow into profitable business.

The color of the bride’s wedding dress also plays a significant role in the dream’s interpretation. A virgin-white dress means you will have a good life period without any problems; a red, or even worse, a black wedding dress means that someone is jealous and envy, spreading slander about you and weaving intrigues. Dull and sad guests at the wedding are warning about ill-wishers.