What Dream About Soil Means

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Soil Dream Meaning

The soil keeps in its bowels the history of millennia: birth, death, bloody battles and conquests - that is why its power has been praised for centuries. Why is someone dreaming about earth? Dream Interpretations have a lot of detailed transcripts on this subject. Was the plot in a dream connected with the soil? This should be understood as a valuable indication.

The soil is a symbol of worship, close family ties. If you dreamed of soft, elastic soil - the long-awaited reconciliation with the enemy will come, conflicts will subside. Planting flowers and doing gardening – means finding harmony, feeling a surge of strength.

Why do you dream about eating soil? You are an object of high expectations. People have high hopes for you and are waiting for your great accomplishments. Dream Interpretations know how hard it is to constantly be in control. Eating soil with salt in a dream – means to be complaisant, but in the soul to rebel and seek a way out.

    What is the short interpretation of the ground seen in dreams?
  • freshly plowed soil - risk, investment;
  • black earth - profit;
  • fertile land - summarizing;
  • dried up, dead soil - loss of support.

According to the Dream Book of Enigma, to see one’s own footprint on earth means to acquire property. If in reality you are concerned about litigation on inheritance issues, you will emerge victorious from this situation. Observing the footprints of other people's feet on your territory – means letting the wolf in sheep's clothing enter your house.

To dream of a forest, a city from above, from a helicopter – means indulging in dreams of future success. Taking off without wings and soaring over the ground – means to be steadfast, to be diplomatic in the financial sphere.

To contemplate the earth from outer space in a dream – means to carry large-scale ideas and, contrary to the doubts of others, to bring things to the end.

Falling from height in a dream threatens with physical trauma in reality. Miller's dreambook says: to fall or stumble on an uneven surface of the ground – means to suffer obstacles in the conceived plans.

Using a rake, clean leaves, watering, cleaning the earth from weed – is interpreted as protecting your personal space from encroachment by strangers. The sleeper does not want to devote anyone to his plans and share them in order to avoid the evil eye.

Miller's dream book claims: to shovelling a garden bed in a dream – means to equip a family nest. The dreamer worries about the comfort of his loved ones, or just intends to create a new unit of society.

Freud continues to amaze us with unusual dreams interpretations. The author of the dream book is sure: if you had a dream about soil - you are tormented, rushing between the sacredness of blood bonds and the desire to become independent.

Digging endless fields in a dream personifies doubts. It is important to determine the right path, but in the end you still have to sacrifice something.

Why does a man dream of a deep hole? This is a projection of resentment, the need to hide from problems and protect oneself from responsibility. To climb inside – means to come off the mother’s skirt.

If a woman walked on water-soaked soil – this dream means that in the near future she will get married or become pregnant. And to pull out carrots in a dream means to be very fertile. Fate has destined the lady to give birth to many children.

What explanation of soil does Vanga’s dream book offer? If you found in a dream the soil in the room - expect feud in the house. Finding a handful of ground in a bed – is a sign of getting sick. Lumps of soil are scattered around the apartment – you will take unwanted guests.

According to the dream book of Nostradamus, a sprouted seed in the ground promises well-being. The most secret and longed for will come true. A bunch of insects, worms in the soil – symbolizes parasites, eager to cash in on your kindness. Esoteric dream book states: soil seen in a dream gives strength and power. The more land there was - the more magnificent life will be in reality.

    What is the interpretation of a dream of the ground in the following dream books?
  • Gypsy dreambook – you will go on the road;
  • Noble dreambook – you will fight for a place in the sun;
  • Aesop’s dreambook – you will take part in a profitable business;
  • Russian dreambook – you will feel affection;
  • Tsvetkova’s dreambook – you will get proud of a relative.

The meaning depends on the state of the ground the dream. As a rule, well-hydrated soil carries only a positive decoding - an influx of money and power, a conjugal peace. The loose, soft soil which is convenient and pleasant to dig, says that the sleeping person has a good hand and a flexible mind.

Dry soil, in wide cracks warns of carelessness and excessive haste. You yourself are the culprit of your failures. The wasteland in the dream books is characterized as a lack of motivation, weakness. Why do you dream of working unsuccessfully with solid earth consisting of boulders and stones? Your efforts and impulses are Sisyphean labor, the result will be burnout and despair.

What it means if you see the land rise in a dream? A creepy dream in which the ground leaves under from under your feet means a suspended state, hesitation, uncertainty about the possibilities. Dream interpretation prefers not to consider the plot as a warning of failure and fiasco. The sleeping man is advised not to panic ahead of time - he will soon have a couple of great ideas.

To see that the earth rises, crumbles, forms numerous craters – is a symbol of loneliness, a sense of uselessness and abandonment. Feeling jolts, shaking of earth – means worrying, bustling. Being at this moment in a mountainous, hilly area means being afraid of the pressure of high-ranking officials.

If the ground is cracking in a dream - you will be involved in a scandal, hear insulting phrases addressed to you. If the earth breaks, spewing a cloud of dust - you will get not the best reputation. Negativity will accompany you for a long time.

Sitting on the crevices, touching them in a dream means making attempts to rally the quarrelling people, to be in search of a compromise. To get root crops from the cracks: potatoes, carrots – means to be able to win on someone else's misfortune, to seek benefits in critical situations.

The interpretation of the rifts in a dream lies in what the slumber desires, but cannot afford. Crawl along the edge of the cliff – means to restrain your appetite, cope with unbridled attraction. To fall into the abyss – means to enslave the instincts, discarding sound judgments.

Why do you dream of going down into a dark, scary tunnel? This dream means you will decide on a serious step, not suspecting what consequences this action will bring. Courage is an enviable trait, but you should not purposely try to make the impression of a daredevil.

In a dream, to plough the land for planting seeds means to think about the future, to invest in development. The dream is hinting to the guy: the right moment has come for marriage, the construction of a home. If in a dream a girl is working in the garden - she will get a caring and household-loving spouse with real estate.

Digging a deep hole, a trench in a dream – means to withhold an unsightly fact, avert suspicions. If you dreamed of plowing the earth under the moonlight, at night - your large investments will pay dividends. The stars are arranged so that you will now achieve victory in any enterprise.

Plowing the ground and having calluses on your palms - dream books predict that the sleeper will have a hard time. There will be an exhausting workflow that will not allow you break out on vacation.

To collect the soil in pockets in a dream means to conduct dishonest game, to dissemble. Gathering soil in the bag – you will manage to make some fraud deal. Dream Interpretations suggest that you are confused and are in a delicate situation. And, fearing retribution, plunged into trouble deeper and deeper.

Throwing soil at an opponent and sprinkle him – you will defend your honor, prove your innocence. Throwing by, missing - you will be slandered and smeared with dirty words.

Why do you dream of digging in a grave? You will get rid of what tormented and made you unhappy for a long period. This can be an endless relationship that brings pain and inconvenience. To bury a specific person in a dream means to stop all communication with the person under discussion. To break the burial for the sake of profit means to call out trouble without intention, to attract a strip of adversity.

    To dig the ground and stumble upon the remains – means to receive news from forgotten friends. Gold and precious stones are interpreted as ghostly wealth - do not pursue fame, everything happens at the right time. Collecting ancient coins – will make your dream come true. And to share the found items with partners – means to argue and quarrel. So, why do you dream of digging out:
  • weapons, shell - a clear threat;
  • clothes - poverty, poverty;
  • skull - money supply;
  • products - mean mutual benefit.

Buying land in a dream predicts good news. Walking around the property and enjoy a successful purchase - in reality you will have plenty of money. To buy a small piece of land for the last penny is to lead a modest life, save, but not need help.

Buying packaging soil for indoor flowers – means to start business from scratch. Dream Interpretations are sure that such a sign promises luck and a green light in entrepreneurship. But, if in a dream you dropped it on the floor - beware of fierce competition. What is the interpretation of selling land in a dream? You will forget your roots, neglect your dear people.