What Dream About Shoes Means

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Shoes Dream Meaning

What does it mean if you dream about shoes? According to Symbolic dreambook shoes seen in your dream are a symbol of life path. New, clean, beautiful shoes are the sign of new beginnings, luck and success. On the other hand old torn shoes symbolize bad luck and fall of your beginnings. Shoes can be interpreted as planning a trip and its success depends on how the shoes looked like in your dream.

According to Erotic dreambook new shiny shoes mean you have good relations with your partner, you are absolutely satisfied with each other and you have harmony in relations. Worn shoes can symbolize gossip about your sexual life, cooling down of your relations and losing passion between partners. Vanga’s dreambook thinks that shoes are associated with minor problems in the dreamer’s life and the whole life situation can be described as your feelings in the shoes you are wearing. If the boots you were wearing were very unusual you can expect getting acquainted with an interesting person; new comfortable boots can symbolize travelling or new dwelling.

If a person sees dirty shoes it can mean loss of creative potential. If you don’t solve the conflict already existing for some time you can end breaking the relations if you had a dream about dirty shoes. The main point is that you shouldn’t remain indifferent to what is going on in your relations.

If you were planning a trip in real life and saw yourself cleaning shoes from the dirt you will have to put a lot of efforts for this trip to go smoothly. If the shoes were torn while wearing it is a sign of difficult financial situation. This is also a bad sign if there is someone ill in your family. Repairing shoes yourself can be understood that your efforts will not go in vain and you will soon solve the problem.

Trying to choose new pair of shoes for a young girl means that it is hard for her to choose between men in her real life. If a married person saw a choice of shoes in the shop it means he will have new unexpected opportunities and maybe will improve his financial position.

Trying on shoes is usually a dream of young people who still haven’t chosen their life paths. If a young girl is trying new shoes she will soon meet a nice person and they will have pleasant relations. Trying someone else’s shoes is not a very good sign that can tell about dreamer’s bad intentions and even his/ her wish to ruin a family. Walking without shoes is a symbol of inner conflict and frames set by the person himself.

Seeing different shoes on your feet in a dream, trying them on is a good omen. A dream means that a new admirer will appear who will not let you get bored.

If you dreamed that you had the opportunity to wear comfortable shoes of the right size, style and color, be prepared for the fact that in reality everyone will admire you. But as for dreams of walking in an unsightly pair of shoes or sandals, the dream books are not always explaining unambiguously.

Psychotherapists talk about dissatisfaction with your own life, if in a dream you happened to try on a lot of different shoes. And if you dreamed that the shoes on your feet were of an unimaginable size, had an amazing color and were distinguished by something unusual, expect dramatic changes in fate.

    At the same time, experts pay attention to the subtleties of a dream, unraveling what the following designs dream of:
  • to be in worn out or torn shoes - to break the old ties;
  • losing boots - a sign of divorce;
  • to put on new shoes - to the appearance of an admirer and patron;
  • to walk in colorful slippers - predicts love intrigues;
  • to dress and shoe the child – symbol of traveling.

People with an active lifestyle happen to see a lot of different shoes in the house. If you dreamed that it was also clean, well-kept, you need to prepare for a pleasant trip on vacation, adventure, interesting acquaintances. In addition, a dream means the beginning of a wonderful creative period, sports victories.

The dream book of Veles, describing what it means to dream of a man of in boots of different size, recommends not taking on too much, not tackling the problems of strangers, and not going the wrong way. Be especially careful if you are given a lot of shoes of the wrong color in a dream and you have to put them on so as not to offend the giver.

Different shoes without a pair on your feet are very rare in a dream. The interpretation of this dream by some psychologists goes down to misunderstandings, quarrels between loving hearts. Dream Interpretations of Nostradamus, Tsvetkov warn of temporary loneliness, if you had to see yourself in one boot. To wear and walk in one long boot means to part with a partner for a while.

If you dreamed that the shoes were lost and there is no hope of finding them, get ready to permanently break off relations that have burdened you for a long time. However, one should not despair - Vanga's dream book suggests that after some time the dreamer will meet the one who is actually destined for him by fate.

As for dreaming of buying a huge amount of different shoes in the store, Freud’s dream interpretation is positive. It turns out to put on something new in a dream is a symbol of sexual adventures. The main thing is that the boots are clean, shiny in a dream. Otherwise, disappointments cannot be avoided.

Dirty, worn shoes indicate the insidiousness of competitors, rivals. Do not be surprised if in the coming days you hear gossip about yourself, about your loved ones. Try not to give reason for gossip, monitor your behavior and actions.

Putting on the shoes given by your loved one and going out into the street warns you that you are flaunting your love affairs, which will inevitably turn into a scandal for you. Taking off your shoes in a dream means giving up your intentions or plans. Choosing or trying on shoes in a dream is a sign that you yearn for change.

If you dream that someone put on expensive, fashionable and beautiful shoes on you that cause your admiration, and perhaps the admiration of others, this means you will soon have a new lover or patron who will pamper you like a child, give you gifts. You will not know refusal in anything, but others will envy you.

Seeing, putting on, wearing rough, heavy shoes in a dream is a sign that your life path will not be strewn with rose petals. Many difficulties and humiliations await you. However, if such shoes are durable and sturdy, then you will earn enough for a living, but it will not come easy for you.

A dream in which you saw that you were presented with a pair of shoes predicts that you will render someone an important service, for which you will be thanked later.

Wooden, flimsy or paper shoes in a dream is a sign of obstacles in business. Flannel, soft shoes, slippers, felt boots are a symbol of home comfort, calm, measured life, and sometimes senile illness or just old age.

If you dream that someone has put rough boots or shoes in front of you, then the dream prompts you to action. Maybe you have a trip ahead that will largely determine your future well-being.

Expensive boots in a dream are a harbinger of the fact that you will have a rich and powerful patron. Choosing boots in a dream means that you are faced with a choice and you have to make a decision on which your future will depend. Sometimes such a dream also indicates that you are extremely unhappy with your current situation and are worried about your future.

Giving someone shoes in a dream means that you favor this person or that he deserves it. To see a shoemaker in a dream is a harbinger of good events, if only he is benevolent to you. If you dream that your loved one has become a shoemaker, the dream predicts your wishes come true.

If you dream that your shoes are too small for you, this meaans difficulties and dissatisfaction with real life await you. If in a dream your shoes are so small that you cannot walk in them, then regardless of your desire, you will have to change your lifestyle.

Lackered shoes predict a pleasant and rewarding trip that will bring good results. A hole in the sole of your shoes, seen in a dream, portends a break in relations. A dirty sole in a dream is a sign of insults or resentment.