What Dream About Sex Means

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Sex Dream Meaning

Erotic dreams are very popular scenes among other dreams. In order to have the correct interpretation of what you saw at night, you should remember the details of the dream. Modern dreambooks have their own interpretation of the dream: if you were dominating you can expect achieving your goal in the nearest future. But if you felt tired during the dreamsex your wish will be coming true with big hardships.

Enjoying sex with your beloved person in a dream can lead to a conflict and even breaking relations. There is also an interpretation for oral dream sex. If this plot was seen by a young girl it means she is too emotional and unrestrained. Dreambooks remind that sometimes silence is gold. The same dream for a man means his views on women’s behaviour are too strict. To see that you are having oral sex in a dreammeans that you are willing to give or receive pleasure / joy. It is a symbol of your creative energy that confirms that you are moving in the right direction in life. The plot can also mean a hectic “conversation about sex.” You may need to chat with your partner about your sexual needs and desires. Or you show your sexual desires.

Sex with a friend in a dream symbolizes some secret appeal. It can also just mean strong reliable friendship. Having sex with an unknown person promises you some unexpected changes.

Dreamsex with your husband can be assosiated with strong family traditions and harmony at home. Anal sex in a dream warns you from a deceit and this will come from the person you expect less of all. A dream about anal sex indicates your imagination. You may be afraid to give in to the desires and needs of other people.

Seeing yourself taking part in intimate relations with the person of the same sex (homosexual relations) means you will be involved in a shady venture without your direct wish. If you see dreams about group sex this image means you are too dependant on the opinion of others and are very much afraid to remain alone.

According to Freud sex with the unknown person means putting yourself into frames and having too many taboos. You have to give yourself freedom of choice in reality and then you will stop seeing these dreams. A threesome means you have no feelings in intimate sphere is real life, you are interested in physical satisfaction only. If you were caught at sex in a dream you can expect a period of melancholy and worries.

Intimacy with your ex boyfriend usually means you still haven’t forgotten him and sometimes miss him. Sex with your ex girlfriend means the man is not satisfied with his current relations and the reason for this is that he keeps comparing his partners. Sex dream with your ex can also predict new relations upcoming. Mostly probable you are already acquainted with your new soulmate, you just have to look around.

If you had a quarrel after sex with your ex in a dream, it is better to postpone your current business plans - you will fold up. If a man was laughing during sex with his ex this can be a sign that he is not paying proper attention to what he is doing. Your work requires more from you, there is risk you make a big mistake and lose money. Passionately kissing your ex during dreamsex means your old debts will remind of themselves.

If a young girl sees sex with her boss, in real life she has to put some efforts in order to get respect from her colleagues and receive promotion.You should not be scared if you saw a sex dream with your brother or any other close relative, it has nothing to do with erotic feelings towards this person in reality. The dream is just saying you want to be close to this person, share your thoughts and ideas and trying to inherit his best qualities. Unacceptable connection is a showing of inner protest, people around you are putting too much pressure and try to make you live their way. If your brother almost raped you in a dream it can warn you about a new man in your life who will be too persistent and aggressive. For a lonely woman wild sex dream with her brother promises promotion at work.

Dreambooks often warn about obstacles and inability to move on if you see dreams about sex with your ex husband. This dream on the eve of your new wedding can make you have a better look at your new fiance, maybe it is better to postpone new marriage a little. Sex dream with ex husband can also bring conflict with your current man who will be to jealous of him.

Sex with someone you know shows you are looking for attention, you may also have feelings for this person even if you are not yet aware of it. Intimate relations with someone you don’t know can bring you some kind of adventure that will not end well. If one of the partners was not passionate at all and didn’t have much desire you should not haste in real life, especially in the sphere of romance.

    If you remember the reason why you had sex with someone:
  • profit - you are very uncertain and have low self-esteem
  • passion - you are too self-assured, try to be more modest
  • jealousy and revenge - you were offended by this person
  • it was a bet - don’t be too irrational, you should weight all the risks.

To dream that you practice abstinence from drinking alcohol, sex, or any other kind of sensual temptation is a warning against future credulity. You should be more circumspect.

To dream that you have AIDS shows that your psychological integrity is being attacked. You are not able to defend your position in a certain area. To dream that your spouse has AIDS suggests that the relationship can be destructive.

If you are not bisexual, and you dream that you are, then this may indicate some sexual repression. Perhaps you are trying to compensate for your lack of sexual expression. Alternatively, it may represent some kind of common sexual confusion.

To dream that you are in slavery means that aspects of your emotions and / or character are too tightly controlled or suppressed. You can feel the limit of your need for self-expression or feel that you are a prisoner of circumstances. In a sexual sense, the dream of slavery represents your desires to be more sexually submissive or that you have unconfirmed sexual passions.

The breast represents sexual arousal and energy. Seeing naked breasts in a dream, can also mean a feeling of impact and invasion of privacy. In particular, for a woman, such a dream may indicate anxiety about transformation from a girl to a woman / mother.

To dream of castration means your overwhelming fear that you have lost your masculinity or feelings of sexual tension. In addition, it represents a lack of creativity.

To see or wear a chastity belt in a dream is how you express your attitude and feelings towards sex. On the other hand, this may be a metaphor for indicating that you are currently too preserving. Your way of thinking may be outdated.

To see or use oral means of contraception in a dream speaks of your refusal to let your creativity come to the surface. Some aspects of yourself are holding you back. On the other hand, it means your concern about pregnancy or sexually transmitted diseases.

To dream of being a mistress represents your need for power and control. On the other hand, this suggests that you experience an increased sense of spirituality.

What it means if you have sex with rubber woman in a dream? Sex with such a piquant partner in a dream can mean that the dreamer is not happy with his life. Everything around you seems dull and monotonous. The thirst for change is deep in your soul.

Did you dream of sex with your doppelganger? Such a dream means immeasurable self-love, bordering on narcissism.

Despite the non-standard situation, sex with an animal in a dream is quite a positive symbol. Incomes will increase sharply, welfare will improve in a completely unexpected way. Cash flow rushes in various ways: returning the debt, winning the lottery or receiving a bonus.

Sex with such a mythical creature as vampire promise similar pleasant events . They will not be limited to any one area of life, and will concern absolutely everything. Harmony in the soul, happiness and enjoyment are brought by future joyful events.

A large number of admirers is promised by a dream in which you have sex with the devil. But there will still be no special changes in your personal anyway. Everyone will be interested exclusively in sex, not in your soul.

Sex with a monster in a dream will indicate that for a long time the dreamer lives in a difficult environment. Pressure from management or the sexual partner spills into intimacy with the monster in a dream.

To dream that you have ejaculation represents your need for release. You can no longer restrain yourself, either emotionally or sexually. On the other hand, it means losing control and power. To see sperm in a dream symbolizes courage or fertility. It also points to the possibility of growth and development.

Erotic dreams are common dreams, if you are approaching the wedding day. This may be due to the intensity of your fiance's sexual passion. This also applies to new roles that you will assume, or uncertainties that something may happen.

To dream that you have a fetish indicates immaturity or lack of opportunity. It can also be a symbol of fear. To dream of being a hermaphrodite is a union of opposites and balance.

A dream about masochism suggests your need to experience and feel things at the extreme level. On the other hand, this dream means that you are sacrificing yourself. You feel that there is something in you to suffer for your past mistakes. To dream of sadism indicates the suppression of your anger, often since childhood. You may be trying to punish yourself for your wrongdoings or past actions.

To see a pervert in a dream says that you have problems with intimacy in some respects. You try to keep your distance and avoid pain. To dream of pubic hair or intimate haircut says that you are flirtatiously expressing your sexual feelings.

To see or use a sex toy in your dream suggests that you feel dissatisfied in some area of your life that may or may not be related to sex. There is a gap in your life. On the other hand, the image can be a play on words, and mean the fact that you do not take sex seriously. Perhaps you have an immature relationship to sex.

To see the testicles in a dream symbolizes energy, strength, ability to have children, or sexual desire. The dream can refer to worrying about your sexual prowess. On the other hand, this means that you will need a lot of patience to achieve the solution of a certain task.

To dream that you undress implies that you need to show your true feelings and talk openly about them. On the other hand, it means your connection with your sexuality. To dream of someone taking his clothes off means that you need to know the feelings of other people. If you are undressing someone, this suggests that you are trying to gain more insight from that person.

If you are a man and you dream that you have a vasectomy, this dream shows that you express some dissatisfaction with your sex life. Alternatively, a number of issues of self-doubt or low self-esteem are proposed.

To dream that you have a sexually transmitted disease indicates a kind of pollution, either physical or emotional. You may feel vulnerable in the relationship. On the other hand, it means fear of sex or imbalance in sexual energy

A woman who is already married, while she sees her first sex in a dream, should expect emotional worries. Most likely, these will be regrets about the events of the past. There will be nostalgia and an irresistible desire to return everything back and fix everything for the better.

A dream about virtual sex reflects reality events that appear to you in a false light. The virtuality of what is happening in a dream demonstrates your delusion not only about events, but also about the relationships of people around you. It is worth remembering that not everything is what it seems.

Virtual sex is a symbol of false appearance of the current situation. The dream in which it is present means that the dreamer is deeply mistaken about the opinions of others about him, about how his affairs are in reality. This may be due to a person's opinion of his appearance, sexual ability, or training. In any case, virtual reality is a deceptive, untrue reality.

It is difficult to say whether such a dream speaks of underestimating or overestimating your own qualities - it depends on the specifics of the dream. However, if in a dream the virtual sex was good and pleasant for you, if you felt “at your best”, perhaps you should think about whether this is really so. If the situation in a dream seemed unpleasant to you, if you felt "not at ease", something did not work out for you, problems arose, then such a dream, on the contrary, speaks of the norm in everything that caused difficulties.

Was there failed sex in your dream? In this case, this is a direct reflection of the real situation. Missed opportunities haunt you, and your subconscious mind simply can’t accept the circumstances. Events that occurred are no longer to be fixed. The present can be adjusted taking into account the experience of the past, and only then will the future sparkle with new colors.

Sex in a dream which failed for various reasons, carries a negative characteristic. Usually it will be limited to only minor troubles. But it is them, if you give vent to your fears and excitement, that can lead to severe upheavals and even to a feeling of frustration in life.

Is it a standard type of sex for you, or did you try something new in a dream? Traditional sex seen in a dream, what it means? A familiar environment, a familiar partner and posture promises a calm future period without bright bursts, incidents and events. Of course, the lack of brightness in the future may upset you. But peace and the fact that there are no troubles on the horizon can only please. At the same time, a classic position in sex can mean your insecurity in yourself, in your man. For some reason, you cannot speak frankly with your partner, you are afraid that he will leave, and try to match his desires, not yours.

Did you dream of non-traditional sex? An unusual way of sexual communication portends changes in life. Changes can be completely different. Change of job, relocation. Adding sex toys or special devices in a dream will mean a new type of activity that awaits you in the future. Your extraordinary thinking will lead you to success - this is evidenced by a dream where the initiative of changes in your sexual act belongs to you, and not to your partner. You can gain a foothold in a new place, find a way out of any situation and strengthen your cash flow.

What it means if you dream about group sex? Sexual adventure with several men in a dream means an invitation to an event. You will have fun and noisy time in good company. Your charm will be at its best, and the opposite sex will demonstrate it to you in every way.

If among those who satisfy you in the group sex, there is your boss, get ready for the emergency situation at work. If you do not learn how to distribute the effort correctly, you risk bringing yourself to nervous exhaustion.

Watching a group sex scene in a dream will bring you amazing news in real life. Refusal from group sex in a dream promises the beginning of a fruitful spiritual period of your life.

Participation in such games mean that in reality it will be necessary to take care of people close to you, and especially about your loved one. However, if you find your beloved person participating in group sex, then betrayal and disappointment from the opposite sex will be waiting for you in the near future.

Did you want to have sex in a dream? The sexual desire that visited you in a dream means that you have a lot of unfulfilled ideas and plans in your soul. It really bothers you.

A pleasant intercourse in a dream symbolizes success in personal life. However, in other areas of life there will be annoying interference. It may be a cancelled trip, the appearance of interference in business. Small troubles will appear in your life soon.

Equally important is the place where your sex occurs in a dream. For example, sex in the water means a lack of communication in interaction with a loved one. Sex in the air, i.e. on a swing or just in limbo will mean that inside you do not feel confident in what is happening and are in dire need of some support. Moreover, such a pose may symbolize the desire to raise relations with the chosen one to a new level.

Sexual contact in outer space means desire to hide from society, the people around you and to be alone with yourself. But at the same time, if during intercourse you see different planets around you, this will mean that it is when you are alone that you will meet a like-minded person who will share your view of the world.

What it means if you had sex in public place in your dream? A man who sees sex in public place in a dream will be described as a domineering person who will try to impose his opinions and rules on others everywhere and regardless of circumstances. He will try to be the first everywhere. And this is not baseless. He has a very strong libido. In a similar situation, the woman’s dream of intercourse in public place has completely opposite meaning. She very sensitively protects her inner world and desires. And she is not eager to let strangers into it.

Did you have sex in someone else's body in a dream? Trying on a role of a man in sexual act in a dream will mean that now you have a strange period in your life when all the feminine impulses have faded into the background. The decisions that you make, the actions that others expect from you, are not at all what is usual for female energy. There are dreams when a woman takes on a leading, dominant role in sex. Such a dream allows you to understand how your partner feels when in reality you do not take into account his desires at all.

Sex in your own home will promise a family celebration. And for you it will be a pleasant surprise. The dream of sexual intercourse in the bathroom indicates that it is worth listening to the wishes of your chosen one. Those innovations that your soul mate dreams about will add peppercorns to your intimate life.

Surprise is promised by a dream where you have dreamed of sex in which you did not take part. Parental intercourse means your deep interest in their relationship. The beginning, development, intimacy, and the sexual theme were not spared. Sex of your older sister with a man, no matter whether he is familiar or not, shows your interest in her personality.

If you dream that your child has sex in any circumstance, this dream holds little troubles. Their root is in your outlook on life. Until you understand that your child has grown up, do not begin to respect his choice, the problems will continue.

If you dream that you are the lover of your friend or acquaintance, such a dream indicates your consent to an affair with this person.

A little joy is promised by a dream in which you buy yourself a new sex toy in an intimate store. Having sex with a prostitute in a secluded place in a dream just reports that you have a rather rich imagination. A plot that a woman who has tried on the role of a prostitute in a dream does not bode well. Success that has been achieved by deceiving someone will not bring anything positive. The truth will still come out.

What does Psychoanalytic dreambook say about sexual and erotic dreams? Sexuality is most clear visual and experienced image of strong love. Meanwhile, the concept of sexuality does not include only sexual intercourse as such, but all systems of relations with other sexes, to own gender, as well as to oneself as the bearer of specific sexual characteristics. Such sexual self-awareness can ultimately affect all other aspects of sexuality, that is, attraction, courtship, sexual intercourse. Sexual relationship and intercourse can also be seen as a means demonstration of dominance, power, and also be aimed at pacification of a partner.

Dreams about bisexuality. The individual is often and easily identified with another gender, sees or imagines himself either as a man or as a woman. It mayindicate internal splitting and conflict between the masculine (animus) and female (anima) potentials in personality.

Emission. Emissions during dreams show sexual nature of the whole dream, nevertheless, there is an incomprehensibility and dissimilarity of images in dreams.The dream that is directed towards emission and ends with it, including ejaculation, can detect a real object of desire, but also internal conflict, due to the fact that it can also be an object submission. The images in dreams will show the position of the individual in relation to sex: for example, he may perceive the emission/ejaculation both as something mechanical and something managed not by him, but by a partner. This action can either be open, demonstrative, in this case it indicates exhibitionism; or secret and hidden and even unworthy or depraved.

Dreams about sexual fetishes (amulets). Every fetish is an actual substitute of a sexual object, therefore intercourse with a fetish or attraction to it symbolizes the desire to abandon real sexuality with the existing "living" object. The exception is when a fetish is already a surrogate object in connection with any realproblems of the individual, for example, in spinal patients. If it is impossible finding a partner, a fetish can be a means of achieving an orgasm or masturbation.

Dreaming of a hermaphrodite. Means union of oppositions; two opposite sexes in the psyche. Hermaphrodite can serve as a healing symbol for recognition of latentmasculinity and femininity.

Dreams about homosexuality. When the Ego is unable to realize its masculinity, it looks for it in the outside world. A passive homosexual mentally disguises himself as a woman to cover up a lack of masculinity in heterosexual relationships. Choosing and preferring the feminine aspect, the homosexual is inclined, thereby, to suppress the masculine characteristics in himself. During the formation of homosexuality, frustration shows itself, which is overcome in biased behavior, for example aggression. Therefore dreams of homosexual nature may indicate regression to the specified period.

If an individual in a dream has a masculine role or traits of masculinity, this means victory over the opponent. If the individual plays a female role: depending on the context, it may mean either fear or a desire for castration to take on a transsexual role, as the Psychoanalytic dreambook states.

Incest in dreams. Represents a passionate desire for love. It would be wrong to conclude that incest dreams show a real desire for incest. Spiritual and the psychological phenomenon usually does not coincide with the biological context, since normally the incest taboo is due precisely to biological reasons. Rather, the incestuous partner in fantasies and dreams reflects a desire for security.

Dreams of sexual intercourse (or strong physical hugs). Symbol of craving for love. The partner can be presented in the form of an idea and can be invisible in a dream. Such a dream is possible in a man who dreams of love for a woman; leading an active life. It means his desire for the wife to play a less passive role in their relations, including in sexual relations.

Obstacles to attempting intercourse in dreams. Means limitations.

Being dressed despite being intimate in dreams. Indicates an attempt to hide shame and therefore sin.

Dreams about rape. The individual is not ready for sexual relations with this person and shifts sexuality towards aggression.

Sadism in dreams. The individual behaves more timidly, and this behavior becomes only a "valve" for aggressive and protective instincts, impulses for self-preservation.

Masochism or infantilism in a dream. Means being dominant, mature and reliable in everyday life and unconsciously seeking to compensate for this desire through control. Also symbolizes suppressed sadism.

Phallus in dreams. Means life impulse. Everything that is active, vital, creative. Phallic images constantly appear in dreams when an individual ignores sexuality in everyday life or deliberately devalues ​​it. Also the lingam, as an image of the symbolic union of male and female. In the dreams of a man, a woman with a phallus represents the feminine in the individual, his Anima. The individual feels his effeminacy and the masculinity of a woman. He thinks of his partner as a man, and this is a possible threat to his own masculinity. It also means internal splitting between heterosexuality and homosexuality.

Artificial phallus (phallocript). May indicate that the dream is not about the flesh, but about the equivalent vital energy and creative power of the spirit. Dominance symbol for Eipo (Papua New Guinea), in which the phallocrypt sizes directly indicate a place in the hierarchical structure.

Dreams about STD/ Venereal disease. Are a symbol of painful relationships and possibly incest. Fear of being infected and delusional belief that one issource of infection, often associated with unconscious incestuousness. If the individual seeks to infect someone with a venereal disease in a dream, this means the desire to make another person similar, addicted.